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    T-37B Tweet

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    SimWorks Studios - T-37B Tweet


    The T-37B Tweet is a twin engine, two seated military jet trainer aircraft built by Cessna in the years between 1955 and 1975. The B-version, which is covered in this review, is an improved and upgraded A-version featuring improved avionics as well as the more powerful engines, the Continental-Teledyne J69-T-25 turbojets which each provides 1,025 lbf of thrust, equal to 4.56 kN.

    The T-37 has been in the USAF service since it was introduced and has been a primary jet trainer for new fighter pilots when transitioning onto jets and multi-engines until its retirement back in 2009. The side-by-side configuration is perfect for a better student-instructor interaction, which was one of the reasons why the T-37 was selected as the new trainer aircraft for the USAF.

    SimWorks Studios - T-37B Tweet     SimWorks Studios - T-37B Tweet

    Often the aircraft was referred to as either 'the Screaming Mimi' or the '6,000 pound dog whistle' or just the 'Converter' (converts fuel and air into noise and smoke) due to the extremely high pitch of the sound coming from the engine - the sound was actually so loud that buildings at bases where the Tweet was stationed, had to be soundproofed.

    General Information & Aircraft Specs

    SimWorks Studios - T-37B Tweet
    • Produced by Cessna
    • National Origin United States
    • First Flight October 12th 1954
    • Introduction 1957
    • Role Military Trainer Aircraft
    • Production 1955-1975
    • Built 1269 aircraft (T-37)
    • Status USAF - retired in 2009
    • Crew 2
    • Length 29 ft 3 in (8.92 m)
    • Wingspan 33 ft 99.3 in (12,581 m)
    • Height 9 ft 2 in (2.79 m)
    • Wing Area 201 sq ft (18.7 m2)
    SimWorks Studios - T-37B Tweet
    • Aspect Ratio 6.2:1
    • Airfoil NACA 2418 at root & NACA 2412 at tip
    • Empty Weight 4056 lb (1840 kg)
    • MTOW 6574 lb (2982 kg)
    • Power Plant 2x Continental-Teledyne J69-T-25 turbojets, 1,025 lbf (4.56 kN) each
    • Max Speed 425 mph (684 km/h, 369 kn)
    • Cruise Speed 360 mph (580 km/h, 310 kn) at 35,000 ft (11.000 m)
    • Stall Speed 85 mph (137 km/h, 74 kn)
    • Range 932 mi (1.500 km, 810 nmi)
    • Service Ceiling 38,700 ft (11,800 m)
    • Rate of Climb 3370 ft/min (17.1 m/s)

    SimWorks Studios - T-37B Tweet     SimWorks Studios - T-37B Tweet

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