• Neil's Great Scottish Tour For X-Plane 11 Vol. 2

    Neil's Great Scottish Tour For X-Plane 11

    Volume 2: Kirkcudbright to Castle Kennedy

    By Neil Birch

    Okay for chapter 2, we'll carry on to the small airfield of Castle Kennedy. Below is a map of the airfield layout.

    Neil Birch Scottish Tour Chapter 2

    Only 08/26 is available at present, so we'll land on 26 which is just over 1900 feet long which should be more than adequate. I was told they are having a fly-in today and I believe someone is displaying a flight simulator in one of the tents. You'll have to have a look around see if you can find it.

    Okay, carry out your checks, set your clock to 12:00 am, re-fuel if necessary, taxi to the northern end of the field, turn around, 1/2 flap and power up. After take-off turn onto 280° approximately and follow the GPS for 31 nm.

    If you are flying the correct heading you will pass over St. Mary's Isle followed by the Seaward Caravan Park on your right.

    Neil Birch Scottish Tour Chapter 2

    Stay on heading, relax and enjoy the views for a while. Our next waypoint is Fleet Bay and Murray's Isle, which was donated to the National Trust for Scotland in 1991 and is an important breeding site for seagulls. After passing Fleet Bay we stay at sea, crossing Wigtown Bay, while down below we have more caravan parks. Further inland we have the exciting Laggan Outdoor Centre which offers one of the longest zip-wires in the country, plus archery and clay pigeon shooting. You can even ride on a Segway but be careful, the owner of the company Jimi Heselden died after falling off a cliff while riding one! You will have to be quick though if you would like to visit, as they are closing down on the 1st November 2020!

    Neil Birch Scottish Tour Chapter 2

    If you are on the correct heading as you reach the far shoreline of the bay, you should see ahead of you, the remains of RAF Wigtown. Opened in 1941, it was primarily used for training as well as a relief landing ground for West Freugh.

    The station stayed operational until after the war, closing down in 1948. However, the station remained open for GA aircraft but I think it is now permanently closed looking at the state of the runways (a shame as it's in an ideal location).

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    1. AlyMac's Avatar
      AlyMac -
      Thanks for this Nels - its great fun. Spent a lot of time around here in my YAK 52 back in the day :-) So many places i didnt know.
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