• Aeroplane Heaven Previews Crtl/Ezy Tomcat

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews Crtl/Ezy Tomcat

    Aircraft developer Aeroplane Heaven have shown off some previews of their P3D only F14 Tomcat:

    Look what the (tom) cat dragged in... Inching its way down the line for Ctrl/Ezy. We may even put in a rear cockpit wall...front panel only. Full PBR inside and out.

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews Crtl/Ezy Tomcat

    Sorry FSX fans, this one is for P3D v4.5 and v5 ONLY. There is simply just too much detail in the exterior model to make it work for FSX. A cut down is just too much work.


    1. lear45xr's Avatar
      lear45xr -
      Wonder how much they will try to over-charge for this one.
    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      They are keeping the prices down on these models. The twin turbo Pucara they just released is $20.00. Very fun aircraft!
    1. cdome's Avatar
      cdome -
      With only the front of the cockpit in the VC, you can back away your view as far as you need without the seat blocking it. Great idea!
    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lear45xr View Post
      Wonder how much they will try to over-charge for this one.
      Well their Pucara was the first in this new line of theirs, and it is only $20 which to me is a very fair price, I would think that the F-14 would be the same price, but don't go looking for Aerosoft or DCS level of system detailing. These are for people that want to load up the sim, and fly a great looking model. If that is not for you, look elsewhere, it's that simple.
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