• Where in the World Feature 125

    This is amazing!

    Thank you guys SO MUCH!

    Feature Number 124 was from David Vega and included some photos of his own add-on scenery for P3D. Along the historic old Route 66 we were looking for Cuba, MO - "Gateway to the Ozarks" (KUBX).

    Where In The World 124 Answer

    Some brave guessers:

    Michael Polley
    Charlie Aron
    Reid Gearhart
    Dick Bronson
    Bob Bina
    Jose Aris
    Steven Elk
    Andrew Webb
    Mateusz Mucha
    Erik T.
    Joe Bowers
    Scott Carpenter
    Dennis Knight
    Robert Smyth
    Paul Close
    Melo Scanlon
    Christian Bachmann
    Mark Bryant
    Robert Forberg
    Rohan Nair
    Thomas Oftedal
    Stephen Nelson
    Mike Guttman
    Mark Green

    Some wrong locations:

    • Deer Park, NJ
    • Galena, KS

    I'm posting these suggestions in alphabetical order by FIRST NAME. Here we go with Feature Number 125 from Dick Bronson; this location features a major port for grain, coal and taconite. The airport's name sounds familiar but (like last time) it's not the location most AvGeeks would think of first. (My brain went to Arizona but that's not it!)

    Where In The World 125 Clue

    Where In The World 125 Clue     Where In The World 125 Clue

    Sometimes hints may appear on: YouTube.com/user/pretendpilot

    Send guesses and future suggestions to: [email protected]

    Ron Blehm

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