• Milviz - King Air 350i for P3Dv4

    Milviz - King Air 350i for P3Dv4

    Representing new heights of power and durability, the KA350i delivers truly inspiring performance!

    With unparalleled versatility, the KA350i can take off from major airports or short gravel runways, and operates effortlessly at high-altitudes and under extreme weather conditions.

    Inside, the KA350i's redesigned cabin and collection of cutting-edge amenities creates a experience that is second to none, offering class leading comfort and unsurpassed interior styling.

    On the flight deck, the PL21 integrated avionics suite leads the way in providing a truly intelligent avionics package that has put the KA350i at the top of every pilot's wish list!

    Milviz - King Air 350i for P3Dv4

    Own a piece of flight sim history!

    The MilViz KA350i has earned its place in the annals of virtual aviation by having arguably the longest development of any finished sim. Its first release was famously withdrawn for not quite meeting the MilViz standards of excellence. This was followed by an infuriatingly long development period, during which more features were added, standards of fidelity were further raised, and the word "soon" was redefined on more than one occasion.

    Now, we present the long awaited KA350i, complete with PL21, FMS-3000, and more.

    Milviz - King Air 350i for P3Dv4 cockpit


    • Startup procedure
    • In-Flight different start procedure
    • Custom specific sounds for entire startup/shutdown sequence, both external and internal
    • Sound volume is user configurable with MVAMS
    • Realistic propeller rotation at engine startup and shutdown
    • Engine Performance modeled following real engine data from different tables
    • Engine failures due to limits exceeded (random)
    • Cold & Hot weather operations realistically simulated
    • Fuel System totally simulated
    • Custom Electrical System

    Milviz - King Air 350i for P3Dv4

    Special Features

    • Fully featured FMS-3000, including SID/STAR support, airway support, performance entry, LNAV and VNAV, and many extended features
    • Fully featured PL21, including radars, checklists, composite mode
    • Faithfully reproduced systems and avionics, including checklist functionality
    • Terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS+)
    • Custom RealLight night lighting, landing lights and custom effects
    • TrueGlass dynamic rain effects
    • Chart viewer system
    • Four highly detailed liveries
    • True to life turboprop emulation with accurately modelled PT-6A behaviours
    • High quality sound set recorded from a real 350i
    • High quality external model with high resolution PBR textures
    • High quality internal model complete with custom 3D gauges
    • Stunning custom icing, with realistic de-icing boot effects
    • Highly detailed product manuals included
    • Tested and vetted by 4 experienced 350i pilots (and one instructor!)

    Milviz - King Air 350i for P3Dv4 cockpit at night

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