• Fly With That One Pilot Chick #4

    Fly with That One Pilot Chick

    Fly With That One Pilot Chick

    by Ron Blehm


    This feature allows you FS fanatics to fly along (virtually) with THAT ONE PILOT CHICK (an FAA certified, IFR pilot) on her real-world flying adventures.

    She flies the real planes, you fly the same thing on your sims and send me your videos and screen shots and then we can all share in the adventures of flight.

    Here's a late-comer from feature number two:


    Feature number three was an introduction to the Walla Walla, WA area where THAT ONE PILOT CHICK is continuing her flight adventures (currently working on cross-country hours for her commercial ratings.

    Here's my real-world / FS combo video:

    You Guys On #3

    We've heard back from the following:

    Gerard and Tom:



    Flight Challenge Four

    That One Pilot Chick

    One of the things a real-world pilot must do is to fly at night. That is this challenge for us. Set weather to summer, daytime temps in the 90s (F), overnight temps in the 60s (F) and clear skies with no "weather". Set departure location to KALW runway 2 and departure time to 30 minutes after sunset (aka night).

    That One Pilot Chick

    This time we'll depart KALW northbound and turn left heading 278° (or so) to KPSC. You can land or touch-and-go. A "fun" challenge suggested by THAT ONE PILOT CHICK is to set runway lights OFF until you are on final.

    That One Pilot Chick     That One Pilot Chick     That One Pilot Chick

    Next, turn north to heading of 335° and fly to KMWH at Moses Lake. Interesting fun-fact, there are "hundreds" of Boeing 737MAXs stored here but we'll never know that because it's night time!

    Finally, turn back to heading 130° and return to KALW. This should get you at lease a couple hours of night flying time which you'll need for your FAA certifications.

    That One Pilot Chick


    TOPC.TURVY: Her Instagram channel from 18-May-20

    Your Job

    As noted above, please take screen shots and videos to share next time. Those can be e-mailed to:

    [email protected]

    Please follow our real-worl pilot on Instagram:


    Ron Blehm

    1. aviator66's Avatar
      aviator66 -
      I try to make a video but the pictures I took are just to dark. It was a great flight not much to so for it.
    1. swanny's Avatar
      swanny -
      Quote Originally Posted by aviator66 View Post
      I try to make a video but the pictures I took are just to dark. It was a great flight not much to so for it.
      Dan, I totally agree. It's why I rarely if ever sim at night (unless it's a long Transcon / Ocean sector) Thanks for flying though, I have it noted for next time.
    1. swanny's Avatar
      swanny -
      To flightsim.com from THAT ONE PILOT CHICK:
      "Thank you for allowing me to share my flying with the ever-supportive FS community and a huge thanks to the sim pilots sharing your experiences with me. We (pilots) are always trying to learn and I learn from your experiences too so thank you for sharing this with me."
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