• Review: Prepar3D V5

    Review: Prepar3D V5

    By MrYorkiesWorld


    Prepar3D v5

    Hello there everyone, my name is MrYorkiesWorld and it's been a while since I last posted any content in terms of videos, reviews or anything like that either on my own YouTube channel or on FlightSim.Com. I decided to make a comeback and do a little review of Lockheed Martin's new P3D V5 (with Hotfix 1).

    I first heard about P3D V5 coming out towards the end of April 2020 - until then I'd essentially been absent for quite a few months sorting out a few things in my own life. Family and loved ones had to take priority, as did my job working for the NHS in such uncertain times with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    Nevertheless, I decided to give P3D V5 a review, and I'm extremely grateful to my friend Dom Smith from FlightSim.Com for contributing towards the cost of P3D V5 - I'm extremely grateful for his support on making my return to YouTube and to my reviews here on the site.

    As with all my reviews, I like to keep things short, to the point and easy to understand - I don't believe in going too far in depth - it's always fun to find certain things out for yourself as well, just like I have with this new version of the simulator.


    Initially, the interface for P3D V5 is very similar to that of previous versions, albeit with a new logo and splash screen which, in my opinion is a huge improvement on the old, tired-looking visuals of previous P3D versions such as P3D V4.

    Within 24 hours of me initially installing P3D V5, Hotfix 1 came out, and so I had to download everything again and update it manually which was a bit of a pain, however I can certainly say it was all worth it to be able to check out this new version of P3D which, in my opinion is very exciting to review indeed.

    The installation was self-explanatory - it was quick and easy on my particular system, and I didn't really notice, apart from the visuals, much difference in the process at all compared to previous experience. The time taken was around the same, and the whole process of choosing which directory to install to was pretty much the same as well.


    Prepar3D v5

    Seeing as this is a new version of P3D, I expected to see a new and improved user interface within the simulator, and I haven't been disappointed. The color scheme, I have to say suits the simulator a lot better and helps to make it look a lot simpler. The start-up window itself looks to be a little smaller than before, and it might be confusing at first if you're used to previous versions of P3D, however you should quickly get used to the new layout, and it only took me a few minutes to feel right at home again.

    One of the things that interested me is that the "Weather" section in the options menu now sits inside of the "World" section, which I found a little confusing at first, but later realised it made sense for everything related to the world, atmosphere and weather to come under the same umbrella.

    Prepar3D v5

    The settings screens also seem to have a few new features such as the option to enable Variable Refresh Rate, Dynamic Texture Streaming and Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta). I did eventually decide to enable the Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta), and was quite impressed how different it made the clouds look in the sim. It takes away the ability to manually customize some of the cloud options, but it seems to work really well and add more detail and realism to the simulator.

    1. Wilhelm's Avatar
      Wilhelm -
      I tried it for two days by a friend of mine but I wasn't able to find the wow factor! The "beta" weather system (no cloud shadows) looks for me worse then Active Sky with cloud art on v4.5. Water look worse as ever, couldn't find any improvement. My 4.5 runs optimal (butter smooth as many say) and my experience with people that didn't get here sim running smooth will also have the same problem with v5 because they always run their sim over the limit of here hardware.

      For me the v5 release seems a bit rushed ahead of comming Fs2020 (presure from developers?). A hotfix with that massive list of fixes only after two weeks says for me that they are well known befor the release...
      ...and there are more bugs. Simply not worth to buy. Just my 2 cents.
    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Nice review MrYorkiesWorld.

      There looks to be quite a number of enhancements so could very well be tempted.

    1. bignige66's Avatar
      bignige66 -
      Totally agree with your review buddy, I have had a fantastic experience with v5, in fact it has kickstarted my love of the sim. I know that it is now Lockheed Martin, but it truly is (for me) the best iteration since my first in FS95. I know some are having issues but I can only speak for myself. I had a few issues with Orbx and the UK2000 Belfast City scenery but I have sorted that myself using the latest version of Simstarter (layering issue). The future is bright
    1. degeus's Avatar
      degeus -
      For me, for quite a number of reasons, the new investment was worth every penny. Many areas of improvement.
      Piet de Geus
    1. BoromirX's Avatar
      BoromirX -
      Talk about 'rushed'! Many people have not been patient/dedicated eneogh to make necessary adjustments to optimize V5. I was less than enthused when I first launched V5 the day of release, but after sharing and reading, understanding things more and eventually tuning my system for it, lol, it's just awesome. 4.5 is now history for me as a result. And yes it did run great, but V5 runs as well if not better and looks 'next gen' despite the issues.

      Thanks for the review!

    1. howlak's Avatar
      howlak -
      I wolud like to add that if the scenery looks like in v4.5, there is a relevant improvement in "vectorization", in fact ORBX says:
      One notable exception to this will be Orbx Global VECTOR; at this point we are not intending to port this title to the new platform. The data within in Prepar3D v5 is much newer and complete and makes Global VECTOR less relevant
    1. Mower's Avatar
      Mower -
      Big time upgrade, all good!
    1. scottm's Avatar
      scottm -
      I'm not buying because the there's a disclaimer that it's not for persona entertainment.... I guess they don't want my money. lol
    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
      Too weak a review for me. Nobody runs the stock version. No pros and cons provided. What about addons? Didn't learn anything here.
    1. MrYorkiesWorld's Avatar
      MrYorkiesWorld -
      Quote Originally Posted by btwallis View Post
      Too weak a review for me. Nobody runs the stock version. No pros and cons provided. What about addons? Didn't learn anything here.
      A review of a product wouldn't be true or accurate with addons installed - that is the point of reviewing the base product as it otherwise wouldn't be fair.

      Many people run the stock version, including myself and many of my flight-sim friends before adding extra things to it in order to get a baseline for a realistic test and idea of how it runs. That's just how things work.

    1. ians's Avatar
      ians -
      I've looked at reviews, Ive seen it close up and tbh, I'm sticking with Xplane for realism and graphics. Yes it has shortcomings but its less 'plastic' than prepared. I dont expect anyone to agree with me nor am I looking for contradiction, but I will only put up xplane against MS2020 when it comes out, and that should be one worth scrutinising
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