• Orbx Previews TrueEarth Oregon For P3D

    Orbx - TrueEarth Oregon for P3D

    Sensational sights await in Oregon. Get ready to have your breath taken away by inspirational national parks, vibrant cities and divine areas of natural beauty. Discover all new mountains, canyons, forests and more on your journey to bring North America to life in P3D v4+.

    Taking full advantage of the new and improved Prepar3D v5 engine, traversing Oregon is a visual delight which will leave you wanting more. So saddle up, step into your plane and get flying across one of the most visually stunning locations on Earth.

    Expect to see a release very soon along with TrueEarth Washington!

    Orbx - TrueEarth Oregon for P3D


    • 99,291 square miles (257,163 km2) of hand-corrected, crisp, aerial imagery
    • 483 custom-modeled 3D POIs
    • Over 339 million trees placed correctly based on detailed land use and high-resolution height data
    • More than 2.5 million buildings at their correct height and location where data is available
    • Significant buildings added to all major cities
    • VFR landmarks such as masts, wind farms, churches, power-lines, and lighthouses are all accurately placed
    • Hand-placed and custom modelled 3D landmarks throughout the scenery such as bridges, skyscrapers, stadiums, cranes, tanks, piers farms, and monuments - this is especially noticeable in city areas
    • Sharp and detailed Ultra-HD 10-meter mesh brings out stunning detail in natural features such as mountains, coastlines and valleys
    • Superb watermasking along the entire coastline and most rivers and lakes
    • Beautiful summer imagery with exquisite night-lighting

    Orbx - TrueEarth Oregon for P3D


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