• VSKYLABS New Update on C-47 Skytrain

    VSKYLABS New Update on C-47 Skytrain

    Here is an update on the VSKYLABS C-47 Skytrain for X-Plane 11.

    A couple of more "work in progress" screen shots of the upcoming VSKYLABS C-47 Skytrain FLP update.

    The project is quite complex and it is going through a step-by-step, "virtual restoration" process.

    The upcoming update is going to be a progressive update phase, in which every few days, a batch of updates will be injected into the project via the included STMA autoupdater plugin.

    The update process will start soon.

    VSKYLABS New Update on C-47 Skytrain


    1. billythebassman's Avatar
      billythebassman -
      Please be more accurate in your labeling. This is not an update. It is an announcement that the "update process will begin soon". I am interested in updates but could not care less about what someone says they are going to do. Far too often they don't.
      Nothing personal about this developer in particular but it seems that some websites are providing less and less information about what is available and more and more to industry hype. Wait until its finished and available--there's really no point otherwise.
    1. AlyMac's Avatar
      AlyMac -
      Cant help than to agree with Bill. The "Update" teaser came out right after LES came out with theirs !
      I will try both when LES release their DC-3 - but I am torn between the excellent AWX representation (with the superb addition of the FMOD sound files from Simaccoustics) and the VSkylabs aeroplane. I feel that the VSkylabs model is far too slippery in the descent than I remember in real life.
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