• Lionheart to Upgrade Diamond DA40 XLS

    Lionheart to Upgrade Diamond DA40 XLS

    The Diamond DA40 XLS is about to be upgraded to Build 3.0 featuring some 4K textures, lots of mapping enhancements that will feature easier repaints and striping. The panel, seats, and fuselage are now in 4K resolutions, and several paint schemes have been added to its built in fleet. It's a large update. I was very glad to do this. I have wanted to repair and improve cabin features and mapping for ages. Finally had a chance to do this. So happy with the seats. The panel is also in 4K resolution now also.

    I added a new 'Charcoal' NG version panel to the paint schemes. Looks brilliant. Color matched (gray matched) to the Garmin screens, just like the NG series. Also new tan seats.

    It's not out yet. It will be going out very soon. Be patient. A couple of days and most vendors should have it.

    Lionheart to Upgrade Diamond DA40 XLS

    Lionheart to Upgrade Diamond DA40 XLS

    Lionheart to Upgrade Diamond DA40 XLS

    Lionheart to Upgrade Diamond DA40 XLS


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    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      You know I love your planes and have most. However, I have upgraded my sim to X-PLANE 11. Do you have any plans in the future to upgrade P3D to X-Plane or any new aircraft on the horizon. I have tried to go back to P3D but I keep being drawn to the super visuals.
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