• Review: QualityWings Ultimate 787 Collection

    Ultimate 787 Collection

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    Ray Andersen

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    QualityWings Ultimate 787 Collection     QualityWings Ultimate 787 Collection


    The 787 Dreamliner is a long range, low wing, wide body, twin engine commercial jet airliner built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes since 2007 where the first prototype was rolled out. It was, however not until December 2009 that the Boeing 787 had its maiden flight due to several delays.

    The 787 is the first commercial airliner primarily made of composite materials and features a four window cockpit, raked wingtips, noise reducing chevrons on its engine nacelles and is powered by either two General Electric GEnx-1B or Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 high-bypass turbofan engines providing thrust from 64,000 to 76,000 lbf depending on the 787-version.

    The flight systems architecture is now 'bleedless' and replaces the bleed air with electrical powered compressors. The flight deck is an extended glass cockpit also featuring two heads-up displays and the control system is a 'fly-by-wire' similar to the Boeing 777. Boeing has kept the yoke instead of a side-stick and the flight control system, guidance and other avionic systems are from Honeywell and Rockwell Collins.

    QualityWings Ultimate 787 Collection

    General Information And Aircraft Specs

    • Produced by: Boeing Commercial Airplanes
    • National Origin: United States
    • First Flight: December 15th 2009
    • Introduction: October 26th 2011
    • Role: Wide-body twin-engine jet airliner
    • Produced Since: 2007(prototype)
    • Built: 957 units as of February 2020
    • Status: In production and service

    QualityWings Ultimate 787 Collection

    1. av8tor98's Avatar
      av8tor98 -
      Very good review! I recently purchased this fine software recently and absolutely love it. I did have the Aerosim 787 but did not much care for it. After I installed QW's 787 and used it on a long haul flight, I promptly removed Aerosim's version from my pc. Great job QW!
    1. marknie's Avatar
      marknie -
      It is true this is a great add on. I highly reccomend it!
    1. DPboy's Avatar
      DPboy -
      Not for $80. The TDS freeware 787 series is well done.
    1. Wilhelm's Avatar
      Wilhelm -
      It seems you didn't see the VC of the QW...
    1. hashme111's Avatar
      hashme111 -
      this beautiful B787 should also be available for X Plane 11 as FSX is an old sim unlike XP11 ,i hope they will consider making it for XP11 , i am sure it will sell a lot of copies,,,please QW
    1. Mower's Avatar
      Mower -
      Had for a year and have nothing but good things to say about it.
    1. pchitkara's Avatar
      pchitkara -
      Quote Originally Posted by DPboy View Post
      Not for $80. The TDS freeware 787 series is well done.
      Ive had a very unpleasant experience with TDS's Airbus series and wrote it off. Pretty pleased with QW787.
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