• MK-Studios Previews Helsinki For P3D

    MK-Studios Previews Helsinki For P3D

    A tiny word about Helsinki. You guys asked us about screen shots and progress update and here you go.

    The airport modeling is finished. We also have surrounding buildings ready and textured (previews soon). The current estimated time for this is Summer. This may depend on when we finish converting our older products to P3D V5.

    MK-Studios Previews Helsinki For P3D

    MK-Studios Previews Helsinki For P3D

    MK-Studios Previews Helsinki For P3D

    We attached one more shot you may be interested in! It presents highly detailed elevation data that will be used in the project to recreate very specific terrain shape around the airport. We can't tell however if we'll include slopped runways there as this depends on the new technology usage. While it's much easier to do in XP we still find it quite problematic in P3D.

    MK-Studios Previews Helsinki For P3D

    Other Products:

    1) Dublin

    We're still testing the airport and will soon release a new updated version with P3DV5 support.

    2) Palma De Mallorca

    Update to 1.10 is on the way, we're testing it and if everything goes right it'll be published next week.

    3) Lisbon, Tenerife Vol.1 and Vol.2

    Scheduled for conversion to V5. We'll also include small fixes for all of these airports, this is why it takes a bit longer. If you like to use these airports in V5 we'll publish an instruction soon on how to do it before official installers are out.

    4) Roma

    We're working on it and hope to share more information soon.

    5) Donegal

    Soon to enter beta.

    6) Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Vagar

    These airports have updated versions scheduled for Q3 of MSFS2020. These won't be small fixes but most likely bigger updates to V2 with PBR and better visuals.

    7) Sevilla

    Now officially canceled as we got a piece of information from a very very very very very high-quality developer who shared a bit of his work with us. It looks awesome and we keep fingers crossed for a BIG SUCCESS release!

    8) Ponda Delgada

    On hold. We were unable to travel and get materials for the airport because of the COVID-19 situation. We're waiting safely and hope to get back to travel soon.

    What airport would you like to see in the future? You decided about Sevilla previously, but maybe it's high time to make another voting soon?

    Stay safe!
    Mateusz, MK

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