• Ultimate Ground Crew X v1.9 Released

    Ultimate Ground Crew X v1.9

    The most exciting, powerful and feature rich Ground Crew program for FSX and P3D (now including P3D v5) is now available! Experience the difference! Experience something NEW! Re-energize your flight simulator experience with Ultimate Ground Crew X! UGCX is a long-term project that will be frequently updated and enhanced... We invite you to join us on our journey!

    Main Features

    • Realistic airport operations with advanced, never before seen USER OPTIONS
    • VOICE CONTROL and MENU CONTROL interface options
    • Works with 99.9 percent of all airports and airplanes (default and payware) out of the box
    • Works side-by-side with GSX if you want to use GSX Catering vehicles and animated passengers
    • Home cockpit support. Events can be triggered via joystick buttons, so, when combined with Voice control, you never need to touch your keyboard!

    Ultimate Ground Crew X v1.9

    Ground Support Services

    • Pushbacks (with Advanced Pushback Options)
    • Engine Start at Stand (Pushback not required - Ideal for Business Jets, Military and GA planes)
    • Custom Pushback Routes (Routes can be saved and shared)
    • Towing
    • Fire Truck
    • Follow Me Car
    • Marshalling at Stand
    • Animated Ground Crew (Wing Walker options)
    • Customized Aircraft Offsets

    User Interface Language Support

    • English (US, UK, AU, CA)
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish

    Vehicle Classes

    • Tugs (Wollard, Comet, Schopf, TMX 150)
    • Fire Truck
    • Follow Me Truck

    Ramp Agents

    • Multiple real-world hand signals modeled
    • Uniforms worn vary with temperature (Winter, Summer and Fall/Spring uniforms)

    Purchase Ultimate Ground Crew X

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