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    Seychelles XP

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    This is a review of Seychelles XP by Aerosoft, and a scenery package I was particularly looking forward to getting by hands on. By looking at the title, one could been forgiven for thinking that this scenery was of Seychelles International Airport only, but in actual fact it is a collection of no less than fifteen airports and four heliports, all of which are listed below:


    • FSIA - Seychelles International Airport
    • FSSB - Bird Island Airport
    • FSPP - Praslin Island Airport
    • FSSC - Coetivy Airport
    • FSAL - Alphonse Airport
    • FSDA - D'Arros Island Airport
    • FSAS - Assumption Island Airport
    • FSSD - Denis Island Airport
    • FSSA - Astove Island Airport
    • FSDR - Desroches Airport
    • FSFA - Farquhar Airport
    • FSSF - Fregate Island Airport
    • FSMA - Marie Louise Island Airport
    • FSPL - Platte Island Airport
    • FSSR - Remire Island Airport


    • FSIA - Zil Air Base
    • XHFSNB - Naval Base Mahe
    • XHFSSL - Hilton Labriz Silhouette Island
    • XHFSLD - La Digue Helipad


    As is usual with Aerosoft scenery, the installation was simple and straightforward. After extraction of the main zip file, I was provided with four folders, and these were placed in my X-Plane 11 Custom Scenery folder. These were also arranged/configured in my Scenery_packs.ini file.

    Aerosoft - Seychelles XP


    As Seychelles International is the main airport of the scenery, I decided that this would make a good starting point for my virtual tour (we will not be visiting each airport in the list, just a selection).

    My intial thoughts were very positive, as it was clear that a great deal of work had gone into making the terminal buildings, and this was reinforced after looking at the real airport on Google Maps. The highlight of the scenery was the main terminal building, as it was extremely detailed and very pleasing to the eye.

    Aerosoft - Seychelles XP

    There were quite a few additional buildings situated around the apron and these matched the quality of the airport's main terminal building. However, the one thing which really caught my eye was the deep azure blue sea (it looked very inviting).

    Aerosoft - Seychelles XP

    Viewed from above, Aerosoft have done a great job at capturing the essence of the airport. This includes not only the buildings, but the numerous animated vehicles and tropical vegetation situated throughout.

    Aerosoft - Seychelles XP

    Even though this was only a virtual representation of the area, I must admit, it made me want to visit the real airport...especially as I'm due a holiday! All in all, a very pleasant start to my tour.

    After looking at the included map, I decided to visit Bird Island Airport...

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    1. maps2xplane's Avatar
      maps2xplane -
      Thanks for the review guys! Just one thing: Looks like, that you haven't enabled "Runways follow terrain contours" in your X-Plane settings! As it's required, as we state it in the manual. That's why you have those strange cliffs which can be seen in the first couple of screenshots.
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