• Microsoft FSX Service Packs


    Microsoft FSX Service Packs

    FSX has been available for purchase in several different ways. The original version came in a box on CD. Later came FSX: Acceleration with additional features and more recently FSX: Steam, a downloadable version.

    The following service packs are to be used only with the original boxed version. Do not use with FSX: Acceleration or FSX: Steam Edition.

    FSX Service Pack 1

    Microsoft have released Service Pack 1 for Flight Simulator X, fixing a number of issues including:

    • Activation and installation
    • Third-party add-on issues
    • Performance enhancements
    • Content issues

    Please click on the language option that is applicable to you:

    FSX SP1 - German
    FSX SP1 - English
    FSX SP1 - Spanish
    FSX SP1 - French

    FSX Service Pack 2

    IMPORTANT: If you have already installed Flight Simulator X: Acceleration expansion pack, do not install Service Pack 2.

    IMPORTANT: You must install Service Pack 1 before installing Service Pack 2.

    Service Pack 2 does not include the code updates required to use the new Flight Simulator X: Acceleration aircraft. You must purchase and install Flight Simulator X: Acceleration to use those aircraft. After you have installed Service Pack 2, you will be able to play multiplayer games only with users who have installed either Service Pack 2 or Flight Simulator X: Acceleration.

    Please click on the language option that is applicable to you:

    FSX SP2 - English
    FSX SP2 - French
    FSX SP2 - German
    FSX SP2 - Italian
    FSX SP2 - Japanese
    FSX SP2 - Polish
    FSX SP2 - Russian
    FSX SP2 - Spanish

    1. Matz190's Avatar
      Matz190 -
      Hi Nels,

      As a newbie - both to this site and to FSX - is there a way to identify the build I have of FSX? I have the Steam version - all up and running - FSX runs ok but the control setup is abysmal and the scenery looks like it came out of minecraft.

      I cannot find any reference in the files / load / running part of FSX to give me the info as to what version it is at.
      I have downloaded these packs but cannot install them - SP1 says I need FSX installed (duh - yes !) and SP2 says it needs SP1.

      [ I usually fly in IL-2 1946 - hugely modded and I can see everything with that ]

    1. Matz190's Avatar
      Matz190 -
      Hi Nels and FlightSim people,

      Firstly - Thanks for the site - I have a lot to learn about FSX and I think this place is great source of knowledge.

      Can I ask please - I have just got the Steam edition of FSX and I am trying to work out if already has SP1 and/or SP2 built in. I can find any version references in the "usual" places. I have flown IL-2 1946 and BoS for many years and have a various versions - it's pretty clear what you are using with them. Apologies if they are not favoured here.

      My reason for asking is I am struggling with the control setup - feels awkward (could just be me learning a new system), and the scenery looks like it came out of Minecraft - there must be nicer eye candy for me to fly over (or wipe-out into, with my flying).

    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      If you have FSX Steam Edition you do not need the service packs. They are only for the old disk based version. With the Steam Edition you already have all the updates.
    1. longbreak754's Avatar
      longbreak754 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Matz190 View Post
      ….. and the scenery looks like it came out of Minecraft - there must be nicer eye candy for me to fly over (or wipe-out into, with my flying).

      The probable cause for the 'minecraft' like scenery is that the screen resolution FSX is using is lower than that the main screen is set to.

      Check your FSX Graphics setting page and make sure that the screen resolution selected there matches your main screens resolution setting - i.e if your screen resolution is set to 1280 x 1024 then set the FSX setting to the same.
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