• Flight Simulator Show 2020 On Hold

    Flight Simulator Show 2020

    As many of you aware, by this time of the year, we usually have the show web site up and running, ticket sales live and we're announcing new exhibitors and seminars on a regular basis.

    With the world a different place right now we're unable to do that and as things stand we're on hold with pretty much everything to do with the show, it would be foolish to press on and start selling tickets and signing exhibitors up as things stand.

    Our venue (RAF Cosford) is currently closed and all big events right up until September have been cancelled. There is of course hope still and we're in communication with the team at Cosford and we are going to hear more by the end of the month/beginning of next, at which point we'll be able to tell you more. Apologies for this but there are of course far more important factors at play right now.

    This news is also posted on our web site here.

    Thanks to you all and for now, stay safe!


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