• VSKYLABS He-162 Project News Flash

    VSKYLABS Test-Pilot: He-162 Project News Flash

    Nearly 4 years of research and on-going development has reached the point in time in which it is being *mature enough* to be set out in the open!

    The VKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': He-162 Project is now being wrapped up with the most important aspects of the project: the creation of the Pilot Operational Handbook, which will include thorough information regarding the He-162 and how it works from the pilot's perspective.

    This project is quite different from any other VSKYLABS add-on project for X-Plane: It is considered as "Educational", and it is featuring an inherent "battle" between man and machine. While the *Man* is trying to operate the machine within its operational limits, to the best of his knowledge, the *Machine* is deteriorating quite rapidly...loosing functionality and having excessive wear and tear during a single flight, trying to replicate the result of a fast, low-quality produced 1st generation jet fighter.

    ...After gaining experience with it, it will make you a better pilot, for sure!

    Release is closer than ever now, so stay tuned!

    Additional note: Entire communities all over the world are facing difficulties, pain or other implications as a result of the COVID-19 situation. VSKYLABS is wishing good health to all, and fast recovery to who ever is facing tough times.

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      napamule2 -
      The He 162 was one of the first German aircraft to be equipped with an ejection seat as standard equipment. The cockpit was separated from the rest of the plane by a sloped metal plate.
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