• Review: Just Flight - Avro Vulcan

    Avro Vulcan B Mk.2

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    Alex Dickinson

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    Just Flight - Avro Vulcan     Just Flight - Avro Vulcan


    Transport yourself back to the 1950s with the Just Flight Avro Vulcan B Mk.2. This legendary cold war bomber has been recreated by Just Flight for both P3D and FSX, with a number of enhanced features compared to earlier versions. Just Flight are keen to point out that this newer model comes with quite a few enhancements, such as authentic liveries, a 3D cockpit, as well as a payload system (to name but a few). The Avro Vulcan is a plane that holds a lot of bearing and pride for Great Britain, so it is nice to see such an interactive model.

    Just Flight - Avro Vulcan     Just Flight - Avro Vulcan

    A Little History

    The Avro Vulcan is a much-loved aircraft, and this would explain why the British public were so keen to keep a Vulcan flying (XH558) all the way up to 2015. The Vulcan's tenure in the RAF started in 1956, where at first it was used as a high-altitude nuclear bomber and featured an anti-flash white livery (a role subsequently taken over by nuclear submarines). The only time the aircraft saw action was in 1982 during the Falklands conflict.


    When it comes to installing products from Just Flight, I find them to be very similar to Aerosoft products - verification first, and then installation. The main difference between the two, is that Aerosoft will prompt you afterwards asking if you would like certain options enabled or disabled, whereas Just Flight's products (from my experience) will not. As such this is a feature I would like to see Just Flight add to their products in the future. Apart from this, I had no issues with installing the aircraft.


    Something I am very keen to point out straight away, is the vast array of systems included with this model. Just looking around the cockpit is enough to get a sense of how intimidating it must have been to new pilots. However, after some time (quite a bit actually), I managed to familiarise myself with the layout. Features such as the anti-icing and the APU were in fact quite simple to operate, despite them being labelled and displayed differently to what we are used to in modern day aircraft.

    Just Flight - Avro Vulcan     Just Flight - Avro Vulcan

    Just Flight - Avro Vulcan     Just Flight - Avro Vulcan

    The systems included vast amounts of intricate detail, and extensive testing revealed that the majority of them were operable, and needed to be managed carefully. Depending on your skill, this can vary from a walk in the park...to daunting! This is definitely a study sim aircraft and one which will consume quite a bit of your time.

    In other words, you get your moneys worth.

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