• Just Flight - Diamond DV20 Now In Development

    Just Flight - Diamond DV20 Now In Development

    A Diamond DV20 is now in development for P3D and has been added to some esteemed company within the "in development" section on our website.

    Just Flight - Diamond DV20

    Just Flight - Diamond DV20

    Just Flight - Diamond DV20

    Still some way off yet but one to keep an eye on.

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    1. gerra's Avatar
      gerra -
      What you should be doing is spending more time on Global Traffic.Get it finished for FSX se so we can get some enjoyment out of it.Are you ever going to finish it I wonder.
      Dave Gerrard was a fan of Just Fight not anymore
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      You should realize that Just Flight is a large publisher. It's probably completely different teams of developers working on Global Traffic and the DV20.
    1. KennethKerr's Avatar
      KennethKerr -
      I am a great fan and supporter of JustFlight, and have been for 25 years. However, this aircraft is being made by the same (non-JustFlight) team who created the recently-released Falke motorglider. That aircraft was totally devoid of a pilot figure in the cockpit, and it was a glaring omission that even freeware has moved well beyond for many years.

      I trust that JF and Propair will NOT make the same mistake in the Diamond. If they do, I would not even ask for this as a free copy for press review, because I respect JF too much to be as blunt as I would be in such a review were the cockpit again empty.

      - Kenneth
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