• Virtavia - B-24 Liberator for Prepar3D

    Virtavia - B-24 Liberator for Prepar3D

    The Consolidated B-24 Liberator became a major player for Allied forces during World War 2. Its exploits ranged the world over - as did her users- and she saw action in a variety of roles in all major theaters. Designed to overtake the mythical Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and appearing as a more modern design in 1941, the Liberator fell short of this goal but instead operated side-by-side with her contemporary to form a powerful hammer in the hand of the Allied bombing effort. Though the B-17 ultimately proved the favorable mount of airmen and strategic personnel, one cannot doubt her impact in the various roles she was assigned to play in. The Liberator went on to become the most produced American aircraft of the entire war.

    For P3D v3, v4, v4.5.

    Virtavia - B-24 Liberator for Prepar3D


    1. B-24J, 'Satan's Gal', 42-78231, 720th BS/450 BG
    2. B-24D, 'Hellsadroppin II', 41-23809, 329th BS/93 BG
    3. B-24G, 'The Stork', 42-7687, 726th BS/451 BG
    4. B-24D, 'Strawberry Bitch', 42-72843, 512th BS/376 BG
    5. B-24J, 'Cocktail Hour', 44-40428, 64th BS/43 BG
    6. C-87 Liberator Express
    7. C-109 tanker

    Virtavia - B-24 Liberator for Prepar3D


    • Native P3D models
    • P3D-specific flight dynamics
    • Switch 'click' sounds
    • Cockpit tested and optimized for VR (VR is not required)
    • Includes a Visual Load Editor, a GUI for adding and removing optional parts
    • Bombs can be added using VLE above
    • Animations for bomb bay doors, gunners and pilots, cowl flaps, prop pitch, extendable ventral ball turret
    • VLE toggles crew figures, animated waist gunner and fluttering national flag from cockpit
    • Virtual cockpit with animations and many mousable switches
    • Five different texture sets - bare-metal, desert and olive drab schemes with nose art
    • Includes two bonus models - C-87 Liberator Express and C-109 tanker
    • 2D panel with custom pop-ups for autopilot, electrical & fuel systems, radios
    • Detailed checklist and accurate flight model
    • PDF manual included for cockpit and panel/gauge functions
    • Custom effects for engine startup and exhaust smoke
    • High quality TSS sound set

    Virtavia - B-24 Liberator for Prepar3D

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