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    By Ian Radcliffe

    As the social distancing and lockdowns started and we all began to contemplate extended time at home, planemaker A2A made their Accusim P-40 Warhawk available for free, for both FSX and P3D. I fly almost exclusively A2A aircraft these days and have eleven others, but this was one I had never seriously considered. With the Mustang and Spitfire in my hangar, what need had I of another "fighter"? But the offer was too good an opportunity to pass up, so I logged on and grabbed it. And boy am I glad I did.

    A2A Simulations P-40 Warhawk

    For me, one of the most appealing things about A2A's planes is their very distinct individual qualities. Every new one is a new learning experience, a unique piece of machinery to get the hang of, and the P-40 is no exception. When first reading up about how to make it go, I found the hydraulic system a bit intimidating; it needn't be, it's just a different way of doing things. On the first flight the takeoff was more alarming than I expected. And I'm still working on my landings. (I think I'm aiming for a three-pointer when the proper way to do it is to fly it on in a tail-low wheel landing.) In the air, trimmed, it's rock steady, a joy to hand fly. The engine noise is different, almost like a big auto engine. The view is exceptional. All in all, it's a truly exciting experience.

    I had an Airfix model of the Tomahawk as a kid, back when I would run around my room with my planes, making gnneeeowwwww noises. It turns out that same plane is one of the color schemes in the package. Thanks, A2A! You made my day.

    A2A Simulations P-40 Warhawk cockpit

    If it's still available for free, grab it now. If not, grab it anyway.

    Ian Radcliffe

    A2A Simulations' original announcement
    Free P-40 available at A2A store
    See other A2A Simulations models at the FlightSim.Com Store

    1. meloscanlon's Avatar
      meloscanlon -
      I am also very grateful to A2A for providing this aircraft. Just read the manual before your first takeoff! My first flight started with hydraulic problems and ended up with a full on engine fire, although I did manage to crash land it back at the airfield. Very happy to add this aircraft to my A2A hangar, already have the Spitfire, Cessna 172, and Comanche 250. Also had the very good fortune to fly in a real P-40, so I am thrilled to have such a great version in FSX now.
    1. damien's Avatar
      damien -
      Thank you A2A. The plane is awesome.
    1. yancovitchvictor's Avatar
      yancovitchvictor -
      here here...or is it hear hear.....thank you.....the worst sometimes brings out the best.....
    1. revkev's Avatar
      revkev -
      It's great to see some people are able to get this aircraft but every time I try I get a "525 Error" and can't get get into the website. Is it possible, and I say this in all seriousness, that the download has been restricted to, e.g, the USA market? I'm down under and I'd like to get this and try an accu-sim aircraft but can't get it. I'd appreciate some help/suggestions. BTW I followed the link provided and still received the error message.
    1. masond's Avatar
      masond -
      That's such an awesome thing to do! Thank you, A2A.
    1. revkev's Avatar
      revkev -
      An update on my previous comment. I found the website via Google search, saw the free P40 product image, clicked on it and nothing happens. The arrow changes to the hand but that's as far as it gets. Suggestions anyone?
    1. meloscanlon's Avatar
      meloscanlon -
      I was on (from the USA) a week ago and it took about 10 tries to get the P-40 for download, and then the A2A core update that followed the next day. I am able to get in to the A2A store just now, but did not go through the full checkout process.
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      I believe the A2A web site is just busy. Keep trying!
    1. max327's Avatar
      max327 -
      Thanks A2A! Your P40 is awesome.
    1. cocalnino's Avatar
      cocalnino -
      No problem at all to download and install your fantastic aircraft the whole gratis. Have my bigest thanks A2A!
    1. sfgarland's Avatar
      sfgarland -
      They made a great gesture, and the plane is indeed a learning experience and a fantastic model.
    1. gippslandblanik1's Avatar
      gippslandblanik1 -
      My sincere thanks to A2A for releasing there awesome P40 at this time. I had no problem with the download. The airplane and documentation are first class providing me with a very fun and very steep learning curve the last couple of days learning to fly this very cool aircraft! Thanks again A2A!
    1. Coneman's Avatar
      Coneman -
      Although I bought this during the holiday sale, I just wanted to express thanks for this amazing gift to the sim community.
    1. HSURed's Avatar
      HSURed -
      I only see the P3D version. Is the FSX version no longer available?
    1. kalizzi's Avatar
      kalizzi -
      Thank you A2A for this generousity. Downloaded both P3D and FSX versions. Best wishes and thank you once more.
    1. K5083's Avatar
      K5083 -
      I will add my vote of appreciation. I had not used an A2A product, but will certainly drop some coin on them after this. The P-40 quickly became one of my favorite sim planes, certainly among the most demanding. I very much like the "persistent aircraft" feature - hey, finally you can save your condition in a flight sim, just like you have been able to do in every other kind of (ahem) "video game" for 40 years!
    1. koenig's Avatar
      koenig -
      Own most FSX versions of their planes. Just installed P3D and the P-40 is a most welcome addition!
      Thank you very much!
    1. Cardinal23's Avatar
      Cardinal23 -
      Thank you very much for this download. It was a very kind gesture during this continuing crazy virus scenario. Much appreciated.
    1. Binou's Avatar
      Binou -
      Thank you ! Amazing documentation too.
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