• An Introduction To Livery Painting With Layers Part II

    An Introduction To Livery Painting With Layers

    Part II - Painting Liveries For Traffic Global Using GIMP

    By Robin Tannahill

    The first thing you will need is two additional tools to help you make Traffic Global liveries.

    The first is the .dds conversion tool. You need this to convert the Traffic Global .dds files to .png so that you can work on them with GIMP or Paintshop. GIMP can open .dds files directly, but you start with a base layer plus many mipmap layers. I prefer to convert to .png and start with one, simple base layer.

    The one I use is very simple and easy. You will find it at www.ddsconverter.com and it is self explanatory.

    You will then need to install the XP Scenery Tools https://developer.x-plane.com/tools/xptools/

    You will need the "Object Viewer" to view your work because in Traffic Global you will be dealing with object files, not .acf files as you were in my previous tutorial, so Plane Maker is no use in this situation. Xgrinder is used to convert the finished .png files back to .dds for use in Traffic Global. Make sure you have XP Tools installed in a similar fashion to my installation as shown below. If you don't, X-Grinder might not show up correctly. Also...make sure the naming of the folders is the same as in the highlighted ones in the picture below.

    Livery Painting Tutorial

    Having installed the above tools, we will start on a project, an AT4 Air Corsica for Traffic Global.

    Go into Traffic Global's AT4 folder and you will see a folder called "Paintkit" Make a copy of that folder in the AT4 folder and you should get a folder called "Paintkit Copy" (maybe different if you are using a Apple Mac). We now rename that folder "AirCorsica". Note that AirCorsica is one word, no spaces, so you should see a folder like this:

    Livery Painting Tutorial

    Inside the AirCorsica folder you will have:

    Livery Painting Tutorial

    Now open Traffic Global's "missing livery" web page, either from the Plugin drop down menu if you have X-Plane running, or by using your file explorer to go to the plugin folder within X-Plane, and then clicking on "MissingLiveryReport.html"

    Once that has come up on your browser, do a search for "Corsica" (if it's a very common term you are searching for like "Air" you would be better searching for the Airline code in brackets, like, in our case (CCM).

    What we will get is:

    Livery Painting Tutorial

    So in order for our aircraft to disappear from the missing liveries list when we are finished with the painting, we should rename the object and configuration files in the AirCorsica folder to be the same as the one on the list shown above, in this case "JFAI_AT4_AirCorsica"

    Livery Painting Tutorial

    Next we change the .dds files to .png's so that we can work with them in Photoshop, GIMP or whatever paint program you are using. Now open the program "DDS Converter" and click the "ADD" button. Navigate to the two .dds files in our AirCorsica folder and add them to the Window as shown.

    Tick ".png" as your output format, and check that the output path is the AirCorsica folder we are dealing with as shown below.

    Livery Painting Tutorial

    Click the "Convert" button, and you will get a "Are you sure?" message. Simply click "OK"

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