• Review: Turbulent Designs TerraFlora XP

    Review: Turbulent Designs TerraFlora XP

    By Michael Hayward

    Turbulent Designs - TerraFlora XP - Before     Turbulent Designs - TerraFlora XP - After
    Before (left) and after (right) images showing the effects of TerraFlora

    Turbulent Designs - TerraFlora XP

    Turbulent Designs are known for their high-quality airport sceneries across Prepar3D and X-Plane. Recently they dropped their all-new tree-enhancing add-on TerraFlora for both P3D and X-Plane 11. In this review, I will take a close look at the X-Plane release of TerraFlora to see what it brings to your simulator and if it is worth picking up!

    What Is It?

    TerraFlora XP is a scenery add-on that replaces all default and Orbx Scenery trees in X-Plane with better-looking HD textures that better match the environment they are in. These are all in 4K resolution and really stand out when compared to the default X-Plane trees both in detail and realism.


    Installation of TerraFlora XP is simple thanks to Orbx Central integration. Last year Orbx teamed up with a number of flight simulator developers to distribute their add-ons through the Central platform. This means installing TerraFlora is just like installing any other Orbx add-on by just clicking on one button and the software does the rest.

    Turbulent Designs - TerraFlora XP     Turbulent Designs - TerraFlora XP

    While the add-on does not come with any additional documentation (not that I was expecting any for a texture replacer!), Orbx Central does include a few paragraphs explaining what the add-on does and how it works.

    Flying With TerraFlora XP

    With TerraFlora XP, you can definitely see a difference with worldwide scenery both on the ground as well as in the air. The world looks much more realistic with treetops and forests no longer looking bright-green, something that X-Plane default trees suffer from.

    Flying low-altitude VFR has been transformed thanks to this! X-Plane trees by default are generally of low resolution and low variety in order to keep frames high. TerraFlora completely changes this by giving you more variety of trees that better suit the environment that you are flying in. From the coniferous forests of Norway to the palm trees of the Caribbean, you simply enjoy a view that looks much more like the real thing.

    Turbulent Designs - TerraFlora XP     Turbulent Designs - TerraFlora XP

    Fortunately, there is no discernable impact on FPS, at least not as far as I have noticed. By only changing a texture while leaving the default tree models, your simulator runs exactly the way it was before having this enhancement add-on installed.

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