• UK2000 Scenery - Luton 2020HD For X-Plane Released

    UK2000 Scenery - Luton 2020HD For X-Plane Released

    Most of the FSX/P3D version is in this X-plane version. However there some thing you just can't do it X-Plane in a practical or easy way. The biggest thing is terrain. We have to live with the X-Plane system which means we can't make the tunnel as seen in the FSX/P3D version. Also the hotel area to the southwest is flat and end of the runway 08 is also flat. Yes we do know X-Plane can have sloping runways, but that needs sloping buildings, sloping fences, sloping everything, which is not possible to do with our system as it uses a single ref point for heights.

    UK2000 Scenery - Luton 2020HD For X-Plane Released

    Changing the X-Plane road network does not seem to be possible, all we can do is delete roads.

    The base image is a photograph, color adjusted to green, which matches FSX/P3D/Orbx FTX and Orbx TE. For some reason X-Plane default has this grey color to the west and north of airport, not sure if users would want us to turn the grass grey to match, so for now its green.

    UK2000 Scenery - Luton 2020HD For X-Plane Released


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