• Aeroplane Heaven Announces Ctrl/Ezy

    Aeroplane Heaven Announces Ctrl/Ezy

    Cntrl/E pilots, please read...

    As we move inexorably toward a new and exciting phase in flight simulation, we, at Aeroplane Heaven, have been thinking hard about how we can continue to have a presence for our brand on "older" platforms like FSX. More importantly, how we can continue to supply and support our loyal and valued customer base, especially in FSX.

    We have understood for some time now that there is a sizeable core of flight simulation enthusiasts who feel that they have no need for complex add-ons requiring extensive learning curves just to go flying. Also, an awful lot of people no longer have the budget to pay for this complexity with the ever-escalating prices being asked for such productions.

    So, how can we continue to deliver high-quality productions for this sector of the market alongside our continuing schedule of product development and release?

    Well, today, we are very excited to announce a totally new concept in flight simulation:

    Aeroplane Heaven Announces Ctrl/Ezy

    Ctrl/Ezy. For the fun of flying

    Ctrl/Ezy (Control Easy) has been designed to deliver the very same type of high fidelity, high quality product you will find in our regular releases but with some major differences. And because the production timelines for these models are much shorter, we will be able to make more, faster.

    The exterior models are produced with exactly the same levels of authentic detail and finish you will find in our "front-line" products.

    Aeroplane Heaven Announces Ctrl/Ezy cockpit

    Each model will have a beautifully rendered virtual cockpit (in PBR for P3DV4.5) but created with a significant difference.

    The cockpits of Ctrl/Ezy models will be driven entirely by stock keystrokes without the need for special coding. Cockpits will not need multiple clickable objects – instead, letting your programmed sticks and quadrant hardware do the heavy lifting!

    Think of the old days of FS when 2D panels were the order of the day. Transpose that concept into 3D and you will have a basic understanding of what a Ctrl/Ezy cockpit is all about.

    So, now you can enjoy your favourite aeroplane subject to the full, explore the subtle detailing and beautiful finishes of the model and experience the simple joy of jumping into the cockpit and just going flying. No complicated start procedures, no lengthy learning curves and best of all, school's out -- no hefty manuals to study!

    Flight dynamics, sounds and effects will be the same as you find in our regular releases – all authored with the utmost authenticity.

    Ctrl/Ezy will be produced for FSX and P3D and P3D models will have full PBR materials and textures inside and out.

    All Ctrl/Ezy products will have just one single price: $19.95.

    It doesn’t matter if it's a four-engined airliner or a single-engined light aircraft or fighter. The price stays the same.

    Aeroplane Heaven Announces Ctrl/Ezy

    FSX will cost the same as P3D.

    In order to keep things simple, we will have a dedicated Control Easy website where you will be able to purchase all our Ctrl/Ezy products and check for details of upcoming productions, upgrades, etc.

    The first aircraft in the Ctrl/Ezy lineup is the Argentinian FMA IA58 PUCARA. A twin turbo-prop fighter/bomber. Made famous for its role in the Falklands Conflict of the early 80’s, many are still flying today. The design is very "fighter-jet" with a twin-seat cockpit and a varied load-out.

    Available for FSX or P3D, it is due for release very soon. The P3D version (for P3DV4.5) will have full PBR materials and textures and both have incredibly high levels of detail and finish.

    We very much hope people will enjoy the concept of Ctrl/Ezy and see in it a way to continue to extend their hobby the way they like it.

    As developers we are excited to have an opportunity to bring diversity back and keep FSX in the Flight Simulation picture.

    Ctrl/Ezy. For the fun of flying.


    1. tirith63's Avatar
      tirith63 -
      Love this idea. Thanks, AH! Looking forward to it.
    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      Finally, a way to fly detailed aircraft without having to read a small book and pay more for the plane than the sim. Well done! Just wish there was something like this for XP11. Will definitely buy and support this.
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