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    Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane     Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane

    Over the last few months, Just Flight has been showing off their much-anticipated traffic add-on for X-Plane 11. Traffic Global fills the simulator world with real-world airlines and scheduled flights that follow their real-world counterparts through updated flight plans.

    In this review, I will take a closer look at Traffic Global and see what it adds to the X-Plane world as well as looking to see if it holds up to its pre-release hype!


    Traffic Global fills the X-Plane world with over 60 different aircraft types and over 860 airline liveries. These are all based on real-world craft, allowing for much more lifelike simulation.

    Better yet, it uses the exact same .bgl files that FSX and P3D use to compile each flight plan, adding familiarity across both platforms (and in essence making flight plan updates much easier to do too!).

    Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane     Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane

    It also comes with a number of tools and user interfaces to interact with the AI aircraft too. When sitting at an airport you can track departures and arrival times to moving aircraft, or open the radar menu when airborne to see which planes will be crossing your path.

    Download And Install

    Downloading and installing Traffic Global is an easy process with the Just Flight installer. Download the software, login to the installer with your Just Flight details and the tool does the rest.

    Traffic Global comes with a 26-page manual which explains each feature in a high level of detail, as well as a number of different customisation options that they have made available for their add-on. I do very much recommend going through this document as there are a number of key commands that you will certainly find useful in finding your way around.

    Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane     Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane

    There are also a number of customisation files in the root Traffic Global folder too that allow you to exclude different airports or airlines if you don't want to feature them, in particular, add missing airports or liveries that the base simulator may not include. For example, the missing ZGHA Huanghua and ROAH Naha sceneries affect 17,415 flights between them! You can also enable sporadic GA traffic by enabling flight schools at certain airfields.

    Flying With Traffic Global

    The first thing you notice when loading up a flight with Traffic Global active is how populated the simulator world is! This is especially true when starting in a busy airport hub, as the number of aircraft that can be there during busy periods can be phenomenal. Aircraft also fill up gates as well as the air meaning if an aircraft isn't scheduled to fly for another four hours, it will sit there until it is ready to go.

    Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane     Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane

    When you look at the level of detail that the AI aircraft models have too, you can see that a lot of work has gone into making the aircraft look like their real-world counterparts. While it certainly won't look as good as a fully-functioning high-fidelity singular aircraft add-on, Just Flight did a fantastic job at creating low-poly representations that look good up close as well as further afield. Liveries are done in 2K texture resolution, allowing for plenty of details to be visible on the aircraft too.

    These low-poly models also mean that there is very little to no impact on your FPS when traffic density is high. London Heathrow or New York JFK with maximum AI density will only drop 1 or 2 FPS at most, which is remarkable when the world can easily become filled with 400+ airliners.

    The way that JF has also enabled the AI aircraft to 'interact' with your player-controlled plane too is smart, allowing for complete simulation awareness both in the air and on the ground. When taxiing from the runway to a gate, the AI is smart enough to determine your path and avoid you where possible, removing conflicting and potentially deadlocking situations on the ground.

    Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane     Just Flight - Traffic Global for X-Plane

    In the air however, and on its own, TCAS and other aircraft detecting features will not work. This is because X-Plane by default uses AI aircraft positions as 'multiplayer' planes. However, Traffic Global bypasses this. In order for these planes to be detected, it uses a small part of the default AI system to plot the closest 19 aircraft (simulator limit) to your location. These 'planes' are invisible and don't affect the TG aircraft, other than plotting them on a map and allowing these aircraft to then appear on TCAS and radar displays.

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