• Flysimware Falcon 50 Update v1.9 Released

    Flysimware - Falcon 50

    Version 1.9 Updates: 1/16/2020

    New Features:

    • Now you have the ability to save/load the flight with all systems off with chocks, engine covers and windshieldcover on.
    • Engines will run/stop when you reload the aircrasft based on the state it was.
    • Sound for the speed brake lever was added.
    • Dynamic landing and taxi lights added to the P3D V4 model.
    • No more additional payload manager setup required. Just install and ready to fly.
    • Start text file added to desktop after installation to locate the Falcon 50 GPS management tool, manual and other files.

    Bugs And Updates:

    • Temperature control knobs have better mouse control.
    • Altimeter drums updated for when values change.
    • Panel popup virtical speed wheel has new texture to see wheel better.
    • The "stby horizon" label/text on the overhead panel was fixed.

    Version 1.9B Updates: 1/22/2020

    Version 1.9C Updates: 1/28/2020

    New Features:

    • Taxi light now turns on when the gear is only down.
    • Around 75 major switches and parking modes state can be saved so when you load a saved flight. So no need to click all systems off. Leave the cockpit exactly how you want it the next time you want to do a flight.

    Bugs And Updates:

    • Version 1.9 - 1.9B had a glideslope capture issue when you click NAV then APP. Fixed.
    • RXP GTN 750 panel option now has the GPS to VOR unlocked. This feature will make the sperry DME show the VOR info rather than the waypoint info in GPS mode when this setting off. The HSI DME already will show the waypoint distance/info when in GPS mode. So leave this option off so you can use the Sperry for a VOR.

    Version 1.9D Updates: 2/2/2020

    Version 1.9E Updates: 2/6/2020

    New Features:

    • Backup attitude indicator now runs on a backup battery and will last about 45 minutes.

    Bugs And Updates:

    • The Hangar popup panel "Recognition LTS" label updated to "Shield LTS" label. Fixed.
    • The "Used Fuel" values on the engine gauges were not consitent during some circumstances. Fixed.
    • Taxi light would not turn off with geear down. Fixed.

    Version 1.9F Updates: 2/11/2020

    Version 1.9G Updates: 2/12/2020

    New Features:

    • New realistic startup attitude animation.
    • N1, N2 and ITT gauges will now show a slight offset value for realism.
    • The landing light housing cone now has light effects.

    Bugs And Updates:

    • We updated the flight dynamics. N1 and fuel consumption rates at high altitude are more accurate.
    • Window shades are darker for FSX and P3D.
    • GPU, APU and Fuel truck sounds now have different soud levels based on interior and exterior views.

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