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    B-1B Lancer

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    Ray Andersen

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    Virtavia - B-1B Lancer     Virtavia - B-1B Lancer


    The B-1B Lancer is a strategic and heavy bomber specifically designed for high speed, low level penetration operations, built first by North American Rockwell and later by Boeing. The aircraft features a variable sweep wing design and four General Electric F101-GE-102 afterburning turbofan engines each providing 17,390 lbf of dry thrust and 30,780 lbf with full afterburner, which enables the aircraft to reach Mach 0.92 at low level flights.

    The B-1 is also known as the "Bone" (B-One) and was first envisioned as a successor aircraft that would combine the high speed from the B-58 Hustler with the range and payload from the B-52 Stratofortress. The aircraft was however cancelled for a period of time, but due to delays in the development of the B-2 Spirit, the B-1 entered production once again and now with modifications to fit low level penetration operations better.

    Virtavia - B-1B Lancer     Virtavia - B-1B Lancer

    General Information And Aircraft Specs

    B-1B Lancer
    • Produced by North American Rockwell / Boeing
    • National Origin United States
    • First Flight 23rd of December 1974 (B-1A)
    • Introduction 1st of October 1986
    • Role Supersonic, Strategic heavy bomber
    • Produced 1983-1988
    • Built 100x (B-1B) and 4x B-1A
    • Unit Cost (B-1B) US$283.1 milion in 1998 ? US$415 milion in 2018
    • Status In active service
    • Crew 4
    • Length 146 ft (45 m)
    • Height 34 ft (10 m)
    • Wingspan 79-137 ft (24 m - 42 m)
    • Wing Area 1,950 sq ft (181 m2)
    • Empty Weight 192,000 lb (87.090 kg)
    • MTOW 477,000 lb (216.364 kg)
    • Power Plant 4x General Electric F101-GE-102 afterburning turbofan engines
    B-1B Lancer
    • Max Speed #1 721 kn (830 mph / 1.335 km/h / Mach 1.25) at 40,000' (12.000 m)
    • Max Speed #2 608 kn (700 mph / 1.126 km/h / Mach 0.92) at 200' (152 m)
    • Range 5,100 nmi (5,900 mi / 9.400 km)
    • Combat Range 2,993 nmi (3,444 mi / 5.543 km)
    • Service Ceiling 60,000 ft (18.000 m)
    • Rate of Climb 5,678 ft/min (28,84 m/s)
    • Wing Loading 167 lb/sq ft (820 kg/m2)
    • Thrust/Weight 0.28

    Virtavia - B-1B Lancer     Virtavia - B-1B Lancer

    1. vgbaron's Avatar
      vgbaron -
      I find the a/c to be ok. Disagree with reviewer - I found that MOST of the switches in the VC were inop. For example, manual states that the nav/gps switch is on the VSD - but it is not clickable. Manual states VSD can be dimmed using switch on VSD - also inop - etc.

      Visually a nice bird and the animations are also good but it is not a P3Dv4 quality product and certainly NOT worth the $35USD, IMHO.
    1. mrzippy's Avatar
      mrzippy -
      Hi, Vic!

      Any chance the developer tried to be overly fancy-schmancy and used either left, right mouse click or scroll wheel for those switches?

      Just a thought.....I have so few!
    1. vgbaron's Avatar
      vgbaron -
      Tried them all. Icon doesn't change - no click spots at all on most of the switches. The basics work but really a poor job.

      Looks cool though!
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      vgbaron, I agree on the price. Virtavia aircraft were always very well-priced on the FSX platform and I have bought almost every one of them for FSX. It was never the best quality, but they were certainly good enough for the asking price and occupied that sweet spot between decent quality and decent price.

      But then a hallucinogenic drug called P3Dv4 was released and it made developers drunk on greed or something. Prices more than doubled and whereas before you commonly found P3Dv1-3 and FSX bundled together for the same price, now they were splitting P3Dv4, P3Dv3 and sometimes even FSX versions, all at the same inflated prices. The world has gone mad and I for one sincerely hope that Microsoft FS2020 is the antidote to cure everyone of this ailment.

      Needless to say, I haven't bought a single Virtavia aircraft for P3D4, or XP11 for that matter, as the prices are simply too high. Phil from Virtavia, if you read this, please get your aircraft out of this no-man's land and back to the sweet-spot where normal people can buy them.
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