• VSKYLABS Scheibe SF-25C Falke Update

    VSKYLABS SF-25C Update

    VSKYLABS Falke pilots, the VSKYLABS SF-25C Project is about to be updated...within 24-72 hours!

    Upcoming version v1.5 is very cool...as it is including an additional, second variant - a tail dragger Falke!

    The tail-wheel Falke is a bit easier to handle than a traditional tail-wheel aircraft, mainly because the Falke is sitting very low and close to the ground, and being built as a glider, with its long tail design, it is demonstrating a stable directional stability characteristics.

    VSKYLABS SF-25C Update

    The Falke tail-wheel is steerable by rudder action, via spring-attachment mechanism, which allows it to over-steer in tight turns. This mode of operation, which is normally being used on taxi, takeoff and landing phases is called "locked" mode (different than the usual locking mechanism on tail-draggers aircraft which sets the tail-wheel to a fully locked position, which restricts its movement with the rudder or due to other forces.

    There are versions of the Falke which are equipped with an unlockable 360 pilot degrees tailwheel which allows maximum ground maneuverability. The upcoming variant of the VSKYLABS SF-25c will have the locked tail-wheel configuration.

    VSKYLABS SF-25C Update

    Although being a tail-wheel aircraft, due to its forgiving tail-wheel handling characteristics, it may serve as a good starting point for pilots who are new to tail-wheel aircraft. However, due to its forgiving tail-wheel handling characteristics, the tail-wheel Falke cannot "replace" full traditional tail-wheel aircraft training (such as the Piper Cub or similar) for full training purposes. But as said, it is a good starting point which is allowing to practice the basic elements of tail-wheel aircraft.

    The update will be injected, automatically via the included STMA autoupdater, so it will reach the users automatically and with ease.

    VSKYLABS SF-25C cockpit

    Project page at VSKYLABS

    We have quite a nice freeware model of this aircraft/glider available in the file library. It's not nearly as detailed, but for those wishing to get their feet wet, it's quite enjoyable:

    X-Plane 11: sf-25b_falke_xp1105.zip
    X-Plane 10: sf-25b_10_falke.zip

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