• Milviz - MD 530F PBR for P3D v4

    Milviz - MD 530F PBR for P3D v4

    We are very pleased to offer you our version of the versatile MD 530F helicopter, with PBR textures for P3D v4 only.

    Top Of Its Class

    This release brings together everything you've come to expect from Milviz; extremely detailed modelling and refined graphical excellence, superb night lighting, smoothly modeled gauges, highly accurate systems, realistic avionics and excellent flight dynamics. As with all of our releases, our goal with the 530F is to get you as close as possible to the real machine.

    Milviz - MD 530F PBR for P3D v4

    Choose Your Fit

    Like the workhorse that the real 530 is, the Milviz 530F can be configured with several optional equipment configurations. Included with your purchase, these options give you the flexibility to outfit your 530 to match real world tasks. Selectable options include:

    • Top and Bottom Wire Cutters
    • Cargo Hook
    • Night Sun
    • FLIR Camera
    • Carry Pod
    • Emergency Floats

    While the Cargo Hook, FLIR Camera and the Carry Pod are purely cosmetic options for your helicopter, the Night Sun is completely controllable through key commands, and the Emergency Floats really do their job, allowing you to land on water without sinking.

    In addition, all options are able to be set per livery through our Aircraft Configuration Manager, allowing you to outfit your 530 fleet in any way you want.

    Milviz - MD 530F PBR for P3D v4 cockpit

    Choose Your Radios

    With the Milviz 530F, we've tailored our avionics panel around the idea of choice. Included with the helicopter is our own very highly detailed GNS units, but we've also crafted one-click compatibility for a range of popular third party GPS add-ons:

    • Reality XP 530 GNS
    • Reality XP 430 GNS
    • Mindstar 530 GNS
    • Mindstar 430 GNS
    • Flight1 750 GTN
    • Flight1 650 GTN

    Your Livery

    We are very pleased to provide with this package one of the largest selections of liveries we've ever offered, created not only by our own talented artists, but also by some of the best texture artists in the flight sim community. A choice between 18 highly detailed liveries means that you get a wide variety of helicopters to take your next flight in!

    Milviz - MD 530F PBR for P3D v4

    Stand-Alone Configuration Manager

    This package includes our Aircraft Configuration Manager, a stand-alone program which allows you to easily set your preferred options per livery. Not only are choices available pertaining to gauge placement and external option visibility, but you are also able to set your preference between having the helicopter load in a 'Cold and Dark' state, or having it load up with the blades spinning, ready to fly.

    The ability of setting these options per livery means that you don't have to choose a single static setup for your entire hangar; you can configure any livery with any combination of options in order to always have a 530 ready for whatever you have the time for!

    Updated With Optional Force Trim

    To use the new force trim option use the AMS and click on the new "Controls" section for the 530, and assign a key or button to the force trim trigger.

    With a key assigned in AMS and both switches up, a press on the force trim button will make the current cyclic and rudder petal settings the new center point. Thus as soon as you press force trim, return the joystick (and rudder if you have that switch up) to the neutral position. The helicopter should retain its current trim. You can use force trim as often as you'd like.

    Milviz - MD 530F PBR for P3D v4

    In case you are unfamiliar with it: Force Trim is not an autopilot! Be sure the helicopter is in a stable condition when you push the button. If it's rotating or banking, you'll simply lock in that trend and have to fight it. (This is how it really works, it takes some getting used to.)

    This can take a great deal of the work out of flying. The real MD530 did not have a force trim, we're adding it as a optional "quality of life" enhancement.

    The Milviz 530F package also now includes add-on and avionics options that were, at one time, separate purchases. These have now been included in the multi-installer. In addition, the 530 installer also has a new format that eases installation, letting the user select which platform to install to, as well as what avionics options are to be installed.

    Purchase Milviz - MD 530F PBR for P3D v4

    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      "Highly detailed systems"? haha That is a joke. I have the B407 and the F-4 from Milviz and they are both trash and the last two products that I purchased or ever will from Milviz.
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Quote Originally Posted by ryogahibiki345 View Post
      "Highly detailed systems"? haha That is a joke. I have the B407 and the F-4 from Milviz and they are both trash and the last two products that I purchased or ever will from Milviz.
      Plus they're super expensive and you pay for every little update
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