• FS2Crew - FS Labs Airbus Edition

    FS2Crew - FS Labs Airbus Edition

    The most technically advanced Airbus ever made for Flight Simulator now has a Flight Crew!

    The long wait is finally over!

    FS2Crew for the Flightsim Labs Airbus is a DEDICATED Airbus crew simulation customized exclusively for the FSLabs Airbus.

    This product is 100 percent Airbus!

    And 100 percent made for the FSLabs A320, A319 and A321!

    Incorporating the latest FS2Crew technologies and designed in close consultation with real-world Airbus pilots, this version of FS2Crew is one of our most realistic and feature rich products ever!

    Featuring Voice and Button control in the same package, make your FS Labs experience deeper, richer and more immersive with FS2Crew.

    No one flies an Airbus single pilot, so why should you?


    1. FS Labs Airbus for Prepar3D V4 (A320, A319, A321)
    2. Prepar3D V4

    FS2Crew - FS Labs Airbus Edition


    • Procedures modelled on real-world Airbus procedures from the Airbus FCOM, QRH and FCTM
    • Assume role of Pilot Flying as either CM1 or CM2 (Left/right seat pilot)
    • Assume role of Pilot Monitoring from Takeoff to Landing
    • Real Airbus Checklists and Flows
    • Multiple config options for flight customization
    • Packs off Takeoffs
    • Turn-arounds
    • FA and ground crew integration
    • Various approach profiles and Missed Approaches
    • Turn-arounds/Thru-Flights
    • Visual Pattern / Touch and Goes

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