• Simworks Studios - SWS T-37B Tweet for P3Dv4

    Simworks Studios - SWS T-37B Tweet for P3Dv4

    Built with unparalleled detail, the Tweet has come to P3Dv4 to do what it does best: make some NOISE!

    Immerse yourself in this detailed simulation of the T-37, featuring PBR materials, detailed systems, high quality flight dynamics and 3D animated pilots in the cockpit. The plane's nature as a trainer and our implementation of it in the sim allows it to be enjoyed by purists and casual simmers alike!

    Simworks Studios - SWS T-37B Tweet for P3Dv4


    An iconic trainer comes back to life in Prepar3D v4! Built per the flight manual and with the latest techniques possible in P3Dv4, the SWS Tweet is the most detailed and up-to-date rendition of the "flying dog whistle"!

    • High quality exterior and animations
    • High detail VC with animated 3D pilots
    • PBR materials
    • Detailed systems simulation
    • A rich (and loud) sound environment
    • Realistic flight dynamics

    Simworks Studios - SWS T-37B Tweet for P3Dv4

    Accessible Realism

    The SWS team has strived to create the Tweet's systems according to the real-world flight manual. Almost every system is simulated and works like the real thing, meaning that the study-level simmer will be pleased. Being a trainer, though, the Tweet is meant to be easy to operate, allowing you to focus on flying, rather than managing it.

    Through our aircraft configuration menu, you will be able to set the aircraft to the state you desire. Are you a casual simmer that just wants to hop in and fly? Just pick ready to fly and roll down the runway! Are you a button-pusher that likes to follow procedures in detail? Set the aircraft to cold & dark and have fun going through the checklists!

    Simworks Studios - SWS T-37B Tweet for P3Dv4 interior

    Simulated systems include:

    • Electrical
    • Lighting
    • Pitot-static
    • Fuel and engine
    • Radios
    • DME
    • Independent instruments for student and instructor

    Visual Model

    The visual model of the T-37 represents a big step forward for the SWS art pipeline. Making full use of PBR material and extensive use of new animation techniques, we have been able to create a good-looking, well-performing aircraft model. The Tweet features:

    • High detail exterior model, with lots of custom animations
    • Five high quality liveries using PBR materials
    • High definition virtual cockpit
    • Many custom animations, from instruments to zippers!
    • Animated 3D pilots in the VC:
      • Pass command from one pilot to the other
      • Pilot-in-command will look in the direction the plane is flying
      • Own pilot's head will look in the direction of the camera.
      • Kneeboard that can be panned, zoomed, moved and hidden
      • Animated visors
      • Animations will be reflected in the exterior too!
    • Realistic night lighting
    • Dynamic utility lights
    • Realistic instrument animations & operation

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