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    Mega Airport Oslo V2

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    Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2

    Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2     Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2

    Hello everyone, MrYorkiesWorld here again with yet another scenery review - this time we're going to be taking a look at Aerosoft's Mega Airport Oslo v2 for FSX and P3D.

    Since it's now winter in my part of the world, I decided to choose a nice Norwegian airport that I knew would go down well at this time of the year.

    As many of you will no doubt know, Oslo is the capital city of Norway, and the airport itself (ENGM) is its main international airport, seeing numerous flights throughout the year. It is especially busy around Christmas and the new year, which brings with it a regular covering of snow, which can last until mid-April.

    So without further delay, let's get right into the nitty gritty of this scenery from Aerosoft.

    Coverage Area

    Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2

    As per the description on the Aerosoft web site, this product is a highly realistic rendition of the real scenery, and although I couldn't find an exact figure to say exactly how far out the detail goes for this airport, it's obvious from being inside the simulator and parked at the gate, that there is a massive amount included.

    Graphics And Performance

    Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2

    One of the main reasons I decided on this scenery, was because I had a feeling it would prove to be rather atmospheric on my sim, especially at this time of year.

    As per norm, my chosen platform was P3D V4.5, and straight away I noticed that the scenery provided smooth frame rates, even with the in-sim slider settings set to the middle / right. I was even able to use additional features such as dynamic lighting and special effects.

    During my testing, I was able to get a decent 45 - 60 fps inside of the virtual cockpit, with the usual 60 fps outside, which is normal for most sceneries of this type and size - at least for me with my hardware setup.

    The textures on both the ground and the terminal buildings look incredible (day and night), even though they are only 2048 resolution. For me, this is especially important because when I fly to Oslo in the simulator, it's usually around Christmas for a Christmas-themed flight, so I really love how everything looked so crisp and realistic.

    Another aspect I really enjoyed was how the scenery has been optimized for P3D V4. Things such as dynamic lights on the de-icing trucks (which is new for P3D V4), and the dynamic flood lights, really add that extra bit of realism and immersion.

    Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2     Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2

    Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2     Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2

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