• Update From VSKYLABS On CTLS Project

    Update From VSKYLABS On CTLS Project

    VSKYLABS CTLS pilots! The VSKYLABS Flight Design CTLS Project was just updated!

    Current version is now v1.15. It is a minor update - a Slip Indicator was added. The Slip Indicator is not existing in the whole-glass cockpit panels of the real CTLS, as it is having a synthetic display embedded in the glass cockpit elements.

    The VSL CTLS is equipped with an improved-classic cockpit panel which has optional glass cockpit element however it was not indicating side-slip...

    With this update, a physical slip indicator was installed into the cockpit, to allow side-slip indication for both the classic and the *improved* cockpit configurations.

    The update was injected via the STMA autoupdater. Simply load the aircraft, let it update, and reload it so it would have effect, and you're done!

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