• Nemeth Design - Kamov KA-32A Released

    Nemeth Design - Kamov KA-32A Released

    The Kamov Ka-32A (Helix) is a compact air transporter helicopter with contra-rotating coaxial rotor design and extreme durability that makes it fit into wide range of roles in various weather conditions.

    The main roles of the Ka-32A civil helicopter are as passenger and cargo transport, a flying crane for building construction, transport for heavy cargo on external sling load, logging, search and rescue, medical and emergency evacuation, loading and unloading at sea and offshore operations. The helicopter construction, largely of titanium and composites, is highly corrosion resistant and therefore suitable for maritime roles. The co-axial rotors allow very controlled and stable flight, allowing the helicopter to carry loads with minimum deviation from the designated location. The Ka-32 has the capability to lift and transport 5 tonnes (11000 lbs) of cargo loads on the external sling.

    This addon represents the KA-32A (export) variant.

    Nemeth Design - Kamov KA-32A


    • Highly detailed visual model
    • High definition 4K textures
    • Full PBR material coverage
    • Functional Automatic Flight Control System
    • Fully animated virtual cockpit
    • Accurate system and equipment simulations
    • Sling load system
    • Weathering exterior effects
    • 9 liveries
    • PDF manual
    • Multiple platform support
    • Paint kit

    Nemeth Design - Kamov KA-32A cockpit

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