• Microsoft Flight Simulator January 16th, 2020 Development Update

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Feature Discovery Series - Episode 5 Is Here

    We are pleased to announce the fifth episode in our Feature Discovery Series has been released! Episode 5 features an in-depth look at how we approach audio for the next iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Head into the Insider Area to watch Episode 5!

    Tech Alpha 1 - Wave 2 Invites

    We are still in the process of sending out wave 2 invites for Tech Alpha 1. This process will be completed by the end of day (PST time) on 01.17.

    Update - Tech Alpha 2 Name Change To Alpha

    Please note that we have made a name change from "TECH ALPHA 2" to "ALPHA". This will help avoid any naming confusion with Tech Alpha 1 AND is more accurately aligned with the state of the build.

    Alpha (Formerly Known As Tech Alpha 2) - Preparing For Release

    • 01.20 - Begin sending Alpha invitations.
    • 01.27 - All Alpha invitations sent.
    • 01.27 - Alpha ready for download, begin sending build access emails.
    • 01.31 - All wave 1 Alpha emails sent.

    As a reminder, if you are already participating in Tech Alpha 1 testing, you will automatically be granted access to Tech Alpha 2.

    SDK Update

    After a ton of hard work over the past few months we are happy to announce that an alpha version of the SDK will be available in the upcoming ALPHA release!

    Only 3rd party development partners will have access to the SDK in which they will be able to create and edit airports, sceneries, planes and missions.

    The SDK makes available the same in-game tools used internally for the development of the core simulator. We can't wait to see what our 3rd parties and Content Creators create based on the samples we're providing!

    We still have plenty of work ahead and we are looking forward to the feedback we receive over the next few weeks.

    If you are a 3rd party developer and have not been in contact with the team, please send an email to [email protected] for more information.

    DR Update For January/February

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Roadmap


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    1. russhallam's Avatar
      russhallam -
      The video was very informative but difficult to understand due to his broken English. The one annoyance and I am being petty here, has always been the lack of detail to strobes and landing lights. The short clip of the 737 with its underbelly anti collision light showing the light rotating inside the bulb casing was fantastic. However the same aircraft taking off later in the video showed a very large strobe "ball". Please Microsoft, correct this. The sound of the rain was amazing as was the detail of the water on the tarmac. I was blown away by the bolt of thunder, showing the flash of lightning first then the lightning then the lot clap of thunder. omg fantastic! Me like presumably so many others are thrilled and anxiously awaiting this release but I am cautiously optimistic on how Microsoft will price this sim. They are obviously sinking millions in to it.. I just hope they price it affordably and make it available to even lower end users like myself.
    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      Nice! Looks & sounds very promising!
    1. loki's Avatar
      loki -
      Quote Originally Posted by russhallam View Post
      The video was very informative but difficult to understand due to his broken English.
      You can turn on captions for the video.
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