• Review: vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter

    I took us back toward the airport and ran a before landing checklist, and on downwind I began dropping the flaps (below 100 MPH). They operate just like a real Cessna 150's flaps, you have to hold the lever and watch the flap indicator (to your left, just in front of the door), and the flap motor sound (as with the rest of the sounds) is highly accurate. The aircraft's response to the added flaps was accurate and I continued down the pattern at about 70 MPH. Carb heat hot, more flaps, base, more flaps...final...and a greaser! I had to use a fair amount of back pressure for the flare just like in a real 150, which I liked because some planes in X-Plane tend to flare a little too "light" on the controls. This one felt just right. I taxied back to the T-hangars and, once again, checklist in hand, followed the shut down procedures and hopped out to admire the exterior modeling and textures.

    vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter     vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter

    Much like the interior, the exterior is good enough to pass for a photograph of a real 150. The included 14 liveries are all excellent. There's one for just about everyone's taste in airplane paint (my personal favorites are the all-red one and the aluminum one, but that's just my style!). The paint schemes are all schemes that you'd really find on real Cessna 150s, and if you want to make your own, there is a paint kit available.

    Since I was done with this flight, it was a good time to explore the save-states feature. I quit X-Plane, came back, reloaded the simulator and aircraft for the next flight, and my settings in the options menu were restored. A very nice feature indeed. I also noticed that you can even adjust the seat positions of the pilot seat and even fold the co-pilot seat forward by clicking on the seat back. Good for loading in any bags you may have for the rear cargo area.

    vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter

    Later on, I decided to pull the 150 back out of the hangar for a night flight to explore how vFlyteAir managed to light the cockpit and instruments. There is a nice cabin light that you can turn on during your pre-flight that isn't too bright but lights everything up well enough so you can see your way around the cockpit. In flight, the instrument lights are more than sufficient but not overly bright.

    vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter

    Other features (this aircraft is loaded with them!) include but are not limited to highly realistic windshield rain effects, a tow bar feature so you can pull the plane out of the hangar with a tow bar, circuit breakers that actually work, compatibility with X-Plane's Experimental Flight Model, automatic updating, integrated support for the AviTab plugin, and more. All around, the vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter is a great flight experience, especially for real-world pilots who want the most realistic experience possible with this airplane. It is also an excellent training tool for student pilots, especially for those learning in Cessna 150s. It is easy on the frame rate despite being highly detailed, and the options interface/kneeboard is user friendly and easy to navigate.

    vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter

    Priced at a very reasonable $28.95 USD, you're getting a lot of fun and functionality for your money, and it's well worth it. The vFlyteAir Cessna 150 is a highly immersive experience and I highly enjoy every minute spent flying this model.

    Bottom line, the vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter meets and exceeds my expectations as a real-world pilot and flight sim addict, and it's a great buy if you're looking for an easy, user-friendly, and realistic general aviation experience. So, hop on in and give it a flight around the patch yourself!

    vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter     vFlyteAir Cessna 150 Commuter

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    Jennifer Kimball

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    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Excellent review Jenn, many thanks! It really does look like a terrific aircraft!


    1. n85988's Avatar
      n85988 -
      Having learned to fly in a C150L, I totally agree with you that this plane is a jewel, Jenn. I keep tabs on the plane I actually flew in Ohio, N5204Q, and she is still flying these days, looking just as good as she did when I was flying her 35 years ago. I just might try my hand making a repaint for her. I absolutely love this plane. Thanks for the excellent review.

      Well, Back to Flying!

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