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    Sim Wings - Mega Airport London Heathrow

    Heathrow has always been a 'massive' sort of airport for the flight sim community; by that I mean it's usually been (in most cases), a massive resource hog, and a massively complex scenery to render. The main attraction to it being that Heathrow (EGLL) is one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom, with thousands of different flights arriving and departing out of it daily; both in real life and simulated - especially when you're on VATSIM for example.

    This particular version of the scenery has been available since November 2018, and many simulation enthusiasts have called it a "must have" product!

    So with that said, I'm extremely happy to be able to review this scenery courtesy of my friends at FlightSim.Com.

    Coverage Area

    Sim Wings - Mega Airport London Heathrow

    Sim Wings (Aerosoft) Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional, features approximately 42 square kilometres of scenery outside of the airport itself, so there's quite a bit to see. It features fully detailed buildings and scenery so as to make the terminal and airport grounds look as accurate as possible. On top of this, it also features all major taxiways and runways in full detail.

    Obviously you can change the settings in your simulator to hide or show certain amounts of detail for this scenery, and it also has its own configurator tool as well. This means that everyone's experience with this scenery will be different, but nonetheless I was extremely impressed by the sheer level of detail, even with some of my in-sim sliders lowered a little bit to help with performance.

    Graphics And Performance

    Sim Wings - Mega Airport London Heathrow

    One major concern with any scenery as complex as this is performance. There have been many horror stories where people simply can't get this scenery to perform well on their system, with some people even claiming to have single figure FPS, with an inability to reach even 10 or 20 FPS in the simulator.

    I myself have been quite lucky in terms of performance. I use a system with an i9 9900k CPU overclocked to 5 GHz, and an Nvidia GTX 1080 TI which seems to handle things quite well. During testing I achieved a solid 30 - 40 FPS using the virtual cockpit, and a stable 60 FPS when viewing the aircraft from the outside, but even this was only achieved after a little bit of tinkering with the settings. Maybe this could be improved a little, I'm not sure, but overall I didn't really have to change much to get it working the way I liked.

    Once you get things running properly and you configure things such as your Orbx settings, the in-sim sliders and the included config tool for the scenery itself, you can actually get a pretty smooth level of performance out of this scenery, even with heavy aircraft such as the PMDG 747 for example.

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