• Where in the World Feature 122

    Gentlemen, I really am in need of future submissions. We NEED locations in order to keep this feature going well into 2020. Please send suggestions (real and sim photos as well) to:

    [email protected]

    The tropical location featured in "Too Late The Hero" and also in "An Officer And A Gentleman" was Subic Bay, Philippines (RPLB).

    Lots of players nailed it:

    Charlie Aron
    Eric Ellis
    Dick Bronson
    Joe Graf
    Joe Bowers
    Anson Cadogan
    Anthony Tsirozis
    Jeff Cybulski
    Dennis Knight
    Ulf Kristoffersson
    Paul Davis
    Scott Simmons
    Greg Germanowski
    Robert Smyth
    Christian Bachmann
    Devin Mutschler
    Richard Messier
    Roberto Schiappacassa
    Larry Sharer
    Dan Blaunarwal
    Lou Wassenaar
    Steve Morley
    William Kilpatrick
    W. Craig Wilson
    Bob Bina
    Reid Gearhart
    Clive Saville
    Thomas Oftedal
    Gary Sheppard
    Terry Labadie
    Mike Guttman
    Otto Hans Nitsch
    Mike Slavin
    Keith Romans

    Some incorrect locations suggested:

    • Guantanamo Bay
    • Tahiti

    Feature #122 is the END OF THE LINE.

    It literally is an end of a line.

    It was also the end of the line for the old bomber featured in the photo. It has also been the end of the line for many aircraft and ships; well, the end of the line, before continuing on (hopefully).

    Oh, and another line is here .... a time-line. We thank Roger Wensley (FS scenery designer) for this stumper.

    Where In The World?     Where In The World?

    Where In The World?     Where In The World?

    Send your best guess to: [email protected]

    Ron Blehm

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