• Review: KGEG Spokane International Airport Freeware

    Review: KGEG Spokane International Airport Freeware

    By Andy Barter

    Spokane, Washington is a city in northwest USA. It has a population of over half a million in the area and is served by the Spokane International Airport at an elevation of 1843 feet. There are two runways 03/21 with a length of 11,000 feet is the main runway and 08/26 at 8200 feet is still long enough to handle most traffic. KGEG handles nearly 4 million passengers per year (2018) and is expanding.

    Spokane is rich in history of the railway being the gateway to the west. If you've played Train Simulator you are familiar with this area. Flight simulator pilots are not so familiar with this area but there is a lot to see. Rivers and mountain landscapes are a major attraction. The Rockies to the west, Canada to the north, and the great plains to the east make for some real pretty enroute visuals. Spokane also is famous for the 1927 air race which began in New York and the grand prize was $10,000. It's estimated over 91,000 people visited Spokane over the week of September 19-25. The population of Spokane at the time was around 9,000 so that's a lot of people for this little town.

    Brett Delana has made the dreary default scenery come to life with his freeware offering for KGEG. Take a look at the default scenery shot below and then after that Brett's scenery. What a difference. Brett has done custom designed buildings with FSDS 3.5.1, used ADE for the layout, and the textures are from pics he's taken from his current home in Anchorage, Alaska and pieced together for KGEG. I've included some winter shots here and there.

    Default Scenery:

    Spokane KGEG

    Spokane KGEG

    Let's take a closer look at his work. First the terminal. The airside has a unique design with a circular main terminal with wings and a large parking garage attached that Brett has even created walkways for.

    Spokane KGEG

    Spokane KGEG

    Spokane KGEG

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