• Review: Virtavia - C-17A Globemaster III


    Jumping into the aircraft I found both a 2D cockpit as well as a virtual cockpit. The 2D cockpit is very well made and features multiple clickable switches, very beautiful gauges and pop-up panels which can be activated using the Shift+number keys or using the small smart icons placed in the captain's section of the MiP. One of the panels feature a complete checklist which is just awesome - that makes the cockpit and the use of the cockpit more interesting. The 2D cockpit looks like a brand new cockpit featuring no or minimum wear and tear, which I think would have added to the overall impression and experience of the 2D cockpit if it was there.

    Virtavia C17A Globemaster III 2D cockpit

    The virtual cockpit is also very well created with a beautiful 3D visualization of the entire cockpit. The cockpit environment is very realistic and the atmosphere created in really good. Virtavia has indeed had a great focus on details and realism. Unfortunately there are several systems and buttons which are not animated - here especially in the lower / back section of the pedestal.

    Virtavia C17A Globemaster III virtual cockpit

    The textures used in the cockpit are in general high quality multi-layer textures that also show a great amount of wear and tear, which absolutely helps to create a realistic environment. The textures for the various instruments, gauges, levers and switches, etc. are awesome but taking a look at the panels which does not feature buttons or switches, e.g. the side panels or panels in between sections, I find these textures to be of a lower quality. Maybe this is to keep the aircraft frame rate friendly - I would have liked the same quality all over the cockpit.

    There are lots of animations included in the virtual cockpit - the control stick, the rudder, the various levers and of course all the buttons and switches. All animations are very well created with smooth and realistic motions.

    Virtavia C17A Globemaster III     Virtavia C17A Globemaster III

    In regards to effects in the virtual cockpit then there is a really good cockpit environment light when flying from dusk till dawn. The light is soft and did not irritate my eyes but still the light was able to illuminate the cockpit perfectly.

    Another specific part that I noticed when sitting in the virtual cockpit, was that I could now see the wings and engines. In the old FSX version (as I remember it) the wings were not visible from the cockpit. They are now and that is absolutely superb!


    There are several sound sets included in this add-on covering various aspects of the environment both for the internal (cockpit environment) as well as for the external part of the aircraft.

    Virtavia C17A Globemaster III exterior

    First we have the primary sound set that covers the engine sounds at various rpms as well as the start-up and the shutdown and of course also the reverse thrusters. Secondly we have a sound set covering all the environmental sounds in the cockpit such as the clicking of buttons, flipping of switches and movement of levers, etc. There is also a sound set covering the movement of the flaps and the gear as well as the ramp, etc.

    I would have expected a sound set for the various chimes as bank-angle warning, overspeed warning or when coming in on final with the countdown of 50, 40, 30, etc. however I did not hear many chimes other than the overspeed warning which sounded a lot like the default warning and of course also the stall speed warning. If this is true to real life in regards to the 'missing chimes' I am unsure but I would assume there would be more chime in the real Globemaster.

    The sound quality is high quality TSS sound and the sound is very realistic and certainly adds to the overall impression and the experience of the aircraft. The sound is a very important part of creating an authentic and realistic environment and the included sound sets are all of a very good quality.

    Virtavia C17A Globemaster III     Virtavia C17A Globemaster III

    I tested the sounds in first ordinary stereo, then 2.1 stereo using front speakers and an active sub and finally using a complete 7.1 surround sound setup. The sound performed perfectly in all tests both internally and externally.

    1. jgmustang's Avatar
      jgmustang -
      I have this aircraft, and it is a joy to fly. I would recommend the soundset from Skysong Soundworks for a better sound experience though.
    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      Be aware all you xp-11 users that the C-17 does not work in XP-11. Heard from others that the programmer left the company and no update is planned. A shame as it is a great aircraft in P3D.
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