• VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': He-162 Project Is Having Progress

    VSKYLABS He-162

    This fascinating project development journey has started back in 2015(!)The purpose of this project is to introduce the He-162 along with its authentic systems, operating nuances and characteristics, replicating it as close as possible to the real He-162. Development approach is in many aspects educational, and it will be reflected in the POH.

    The research involved in this project has accumulated into years of development. Obtaining and translating original and authentic materials, manuals, photos, drawings, reports... into a living aircraft simulation in X-Plane, was the deepest challenge.

    It scheduled as a VSKYLABS 2019 release, but it was put on hold to allow a few research-related issues to be resolved.

    The project, which is already in a very advanced development stages will get back on the development tracks during January 2020.

    VSKYLABS He-162

    VSKYLABS He-162

    VSKYLABS He-162


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