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    A72-500 Series

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    Carenado - A72-500 Series     Carenado - A72-500 Series


    Here is another aircraft in the extensive line of offerings from Carenado, but this time it's the long- awaited ATR72-500 joining our virtual hangars. Until quite recently, there had been a degree of frustration within the flightsim community over the fact that there had not been a well-modelled ATR available for the FSX/P3D market. Thankfully this frustration dissipated when Carenado released the smaller ATR42 not that long ago. Capitalising on this model, it wasn't too long afterwards that Carenado released the larger ATR 72-500. Since then the impact that this aircraft has had would be something I would describe as extensive. For a good few weeks after its release, social media groups were alight about this particular aircraft, so already it appears to be a popular choice with consumers.

    Carenado - A72-500 Series     Carenado - A72-500 Series

    The ATR72-500 is an elongated version of the original ATR aircraft which entered service in 1997. Despite production ending in 2011, it is still a popular commuter aircraft on short domestic routes. Having had the opportunity to work on the ATR in real life I can tell you that the airframe is known for being difficult to balance in terms of weight, as well as being very loud.


    When it comes to liveries, Carenado as always, do not skimp, as they provide a wide selection with this package:

    • Aer Lingus (Stobart Air)
    • Aurigny
    • Avianca
    • Binter
    • Flybe
    • Iberia Regional
    • Jet Airways
    • SAS
    • Turkish Air force

    Carenado - A72-500 Series     Carenado - A72-500 Series

    Cockpit And Avionics

    As far as I can tell, when it came to the avionics, they were all very accurate. I do like the mix of electronic screens and steam gauges as it reminded me of the cockpit layout on one of my favorite aircraft, the Boeing 757. Overall the cockpit is nicely done and accurately modelled with lots of overall system functionality. Only a few switches are non-functional, but nothing that I felt took away from the overall experience. In regards to the overhead panel, I felt it had a simple but user-friendly type of design, similar to that of the autopilot. The FMC fitted, was the same generic model used on most of Carenado's aircraft. Yet again, this was very easy to use, but I felt that this FMC lacked the detail required of an FMS unit and was really only good for plotting a route for the aircraft.

    Cockpit lighting is also very good, and includes the usual panel, dome, and background effects. There were switches for each of these, but unfortunately, whilst there was instrument lighting, there was no switch to have this as the only lighting option. For someone who uses this method a lot, I found this slightly disappointing.

    Carenado - A72-500 Series     Carenado - A72-500 Series

    Exterior And Interior Modelling

    As always, Carenado never fails to impress when it comes to aircraft modelling, and the ATR72-500 being reviewed here is no exception. The exterior as well as the interior, benefit from the same sharp eye for detail that Carenado are renowned for; meaning that everything is accurately placed and well presented. No detail it seems, is too small. Whether it's the landing gear or the stitches on the seats, it's all present, and done well!

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