• SIMStarter NG Update to

    SIMStarter NG

    Changelog Version

    • [FEATURE] General - Auto Import of Display Settings and Resolution changes
    • [FEATURE] General - (P3D V4) Compatible with PREPAR3D v4.5
    • [FEATURE] General - (P3D V4) Added all missing Managers (Autogen, Effects, Fonts, Gauges, Prodefs, Scaleform, Scenarios, Scripts, Sound, Texture and Weather)
    • [FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - (P3D V4) Handle simObjects.cfg in ProgData and AppData
    • [FEATURE] Profile - Settings of Ultimate Traffic Live can be done in "Profile > Extended Tab"
    • [FEATURE] RunConfig - "WaitSimReady" has wait parameter to start programs after an defined waiting time
    • [FEATURE] SimConfigBackup - Added Backup Plan "Each 3rd Day"
    • [FEATURE] Tools - (P3D V4) Using Clear Facilities and Scenery Index remove "SceneryIndex_x64" as well
    • [FEATURE] Profile - Using "UTC" Checkbox auto runs "Real Time Flight Manager" (you need to set the path in Program settings)
    • [CHANGED] Scenario - (P3D V4) Loading Flight based on P3Dv4 SDK
    • [CHANGED] SceneryMGR - Forecolor changed to white if background is dark green
    • [CHANGED] Profile - Restarting Aero removed as no longer needed (Win7)
    • [BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - SimObjects MGR shows duplicate entries fixed
    • [BUGFIX] AddOnXml MGR - AddOn Description Textbox shows wrong value
    • [BUGFIX] AddOn MGR - (P3D V4) Using Add-On.xml forced all ConfigSet Items to Active
    • [BUGFIX] Profile - Starting Profile causes "Keine Rückmeldung"
    • [BUGFIX] Show BGL - Showing duplicate BGL in some cases

    SIMStarter NG

    SIMStarter NG - Most simmers are flying different aircraft in different scenarios and locations. The problem is, that each of these combination needs another simulator configuration to get the best performance, reduce the probability of out of memory failure and show the scenery at its best. SIMstarter NG solves that problem, using profiles that set the simulator just as you want it.

    SIMstarter NG has a "Flight Control Center" to create these profiles and configuration sets. Another benefit of NG is, that you stay in control of your configuration because SIMstarter NG handles your configuration (a copy of it). With every simulator start you will have a nice and clean simulator configuration. In addition almost any setting can be changed using a nice interface so you do not need to edit config files.NG also has a Livery Manager which allows you to import aircraft liveries by click. Or showing all your installed add-on Airports in Google Earth.

    NG allows you to create profiles for your simulator with different settings. You can for example create a profile for VFR Flights in one region with a lot of eye candy and another for your IFR flights with less autogen, another scenery and so on. In addition, NG includes a lot of other helpful tools to manage your simulator configuration.

    SIMstarter NG is the next generation of the older freeware tool SIMstarter. SIMstarter NG allows you to create 99.999 profiles for different scenarios, configurations, scenery settings, running different programs e.g. Each profile can be combined with each configuration set which makes NG much more flexible to use and much more comfortable. Nearly 90% of the old code of SIMstarter has been ewritten. SIMstarter was based on FSX and then expanded to FSX-SE and PREPAR3D but it was never intended to work for different simulators. NG was developed to be compatible with FSX and Prepar3D.

    Purchase Aerosoft - SIMStarter NG

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