• UK2000 Scenery Withdraws Gatwick Xtreme

    UK2000 Scenery Withdraws Gatwick Xtreme

    We've made the decision to withdraw Gatwick Xtreme for X-Plane from sale, as it does not meet our expectations.

    This Gatwick was originally converted by Matt some time ago, but there have been too many cases of ground taxi-line markings (and others) not appearing. We have tried to solve this problem (Matt no longer works for us), but we kept getting sequence issues. For some users the lines do appears albeit faint, but for some they don't appear at all.

    There are also other issues, which to be fair are more to do with Xplane/WED than anything else. The WED software is simply terrible, there is a huge offset issue between lat/long and meters at any set point on the glode, you can move an object to align with a line in WED, but in X-Plane it can be 5 Meters OFF!!. This means placing things like default Green centre line lights using lat/long against a linear line which may be 1000 metres from it original is simply impossible, they just don't line up. All issues of alignment is down to the WED program being not fit for purpose WED="what you see is not what you get!"

    We'd much rather wait until we have made a new Gatwick HD version, developed entirely by ourselves avoiding the WED alignment bugs, than battle on with this version.

    If you suffer from taxi lines not appearing, then get in contact and we can offer you another X-Plane airport as a replacement.


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