• vFlyteAir Simulations - Cessna 150 Commuter

    vFlyteAir Simulations - Cessna 150 Commuter

    Complete Feature List

    • Two different panel configurations included - basic "Trainer" and more advanced "Commuter" panel, switchable on the fly
    • The Basic "Trainer" panel version is modeled from a 1972 C150L located in Texas, USA, tail number N17043
    • Switch airspeed and altimeter gauge units (knots and mph; hPa and inhg) on the fly, by simply clicking the gauges
    • Professional FMOD original sound recordings and engineering by Mike Maarse, SimAcoustics – all sounds are from tail number D-EIVM, a Cessna 150M model
    • Accurate flight characteristics in accordance with performance charts in the C150L POH (fully loaded configuration)
    • Integrated support for AviTab plugin with a yoke-mounted e-tablet that can be hidden during flight
    • Beta-tested by several real-world Cessna 150/152 pilots, including a Flight Instructor
    • Pop-out kneeboard with Options menu, interactive Weight and Balance calculator, and Normal Procedures check lists; VR-friendly!
    • Interactive pre-flight walk-around – transport yourself outside the airplane to inspect (7) stations. Visually check fuel levels and oil level, and inspect flight control surfaces for freedom of movement
    • Tow bar feature allows you to push or pull the airplane on the ground; use the tow bar to pull the C150 out of the hangar for your first flight of the day

    vFlyteAir Simulations - Cessna 150 Commuter

    • Optional wheel pants (wheel fairings) provide slightly less overall drag
    • Removable static elements, like cowl plugs, pitot tube cover and wheel chocks
    • By request, the pilot can be male or female. Use the kneeboard Options page to select pilot gender
    • The "Commuter" Panel option features a simulated Cessna Navomatic 300A single axis autopilot
    • STMA Autoupdate plugin included to keep your copy up to date with new features and bug fixes
    • Highly detailed and fully animated 3D model
    • Optimized for VR
    • Very hi-res PBR textures (up to 4K resolution) are used throughout the model
    • 14 different high-definition liveries included – paint kit available
    • Comes with 30-page user manual and an example POH (not for real flight)

    vFlyteAir Simulations - Cessna 150 Commuter cockpit

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    1. n85988's Avatar
      n85988 -
      I am very new to VR since getting an Oculus Rift S on black friday. I have things running pretty well now so I have been trying out different aircraft in it. This evening I flew this Cessna 150 and was totally blown away! Everything looked so real, just like I remember it when I was learning to fly in a 150L like this one. The panel, the cramped interior, the skinny landing gear, just like I remember it. But the part that amazed me the most, besides the view out the windshield, was the amazing sound. I have a buttkicker installed, and the sounds are so real, I could feel the vibration, on my seat and through my yoke. I absolutely LOVE this plane! Here's a HUGE Congrats to vFlyteAir for the best Cessna on the net!
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Plus it is 31% ($13) cheaper than the JustFlight C152!
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