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    Nuvecta - Landscape USA Series

    Today we would like to welcome nuvecta as the latest publisher to offer their products through the FlightSim.Com Store. Nuvecta offers two lines of products. The Landscapes series increases the realism of photoreal scenery by adding 3D objects. The Flashpoint series offers scenery of world hotspots.

    Nuvecta Landscapes

    Landscapes(tm) takes Treeline(tm) to the next level by adding buildings and other objects to the trees and enhancing the experience. The product brings back superior 3-D to photo-scenery and photo-real.

    Landscapes is part of a continuing line of flight simulation products designed to enhance the simulated flying of professional and amateur alike. It covers North America and other countries to a degree previously impossible and never experienced. Currently the series blankets photo-scenery for 49 US states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, and England and Wales.

    With this series, you can complete your photo-scenery and take it to the next level with full 3D autogen. You no longer should put up with the bleak low-level flat landscape of photo-scenery. Don't put up with the approximation to reality of some products. Overcome the complete lack of real-world spatial features in the original simulation products. Fly in a VFR environment rich with the real-world format of your existing scenery and enhanced by the realistic 3D scenery of VFR-series derived from 1:24000 detail scale commercial mapping data -- equivalent to USGS Topo Map detail and numerous other sources.

    This scenery eliminates or reduces the problems produced by imagery lack of seasonal differences, uneven colors or contrast across various tiles -- by covering the ground with FS native autogen capable of reflecting time but not laid out relatively randomly and in repetitive tiles like FSX autogen and other traditional FS scenery add-ons. This 3D landscape shows what is there when you fly over a location as it should be shown.

    Nuvecta - Landscape USA Series

    With Landscapes You Get

    • Detailed 3-D building and house autogen, accurately placed where data is available or through AI heuristics
    • Detailed forest and woodland autogen aligned with real-world features in your photo-scenery
    • Accurately placed aviation obstacle objects derived from the latest FAA data
    • Objects in every inch of each state, every wood, city, town, and village, many farms and even cabins are added!
    • Works with all the most popular photo-real imagery

    The product makes no changes to your available autogen object libraries (original or any installed add-on textures) and frame rates are the same as they would be for rendering similar amounts of 3D scenery using the same setup.

    This Product Adds

    • Autogen buildings exactly placed where data was available or placed by AI process
    • Wooded or forested areas and individual trees in cities and towns
    • Thousands of FAA-registered obstacles and VFR POI like towers, water towers, windmills, grain elevators
    • Original treeline areas have been updated to correct many issues of accuracy, e.g. trees on major roads

    This product is intended for use with photo-real scenery. In order for this to work as intended, you must have photo-real scenery, like MegaScenery Earth for FSX and P3D and any other photo-real scenery, installed and active in your simulator. Be sure the Nuvecta title(s) you purchase matches photo-real coverage area you already have installed. This is not intended for use with default scenery.

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