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    Orbx - Update on openLC Africa

    I feel that an explanation regarding the long delay with openLC Africa is due, out of courtesy to the many people who have been anticipating its release, and have done so for some years now.

    openLC Africa has been in development on and off for 2.5 years since openLC South America was released. It was always intended for release by the end of 2017 or early 2018. However, its development was sidetracked by three other side projects worked on by the developer - TrueEarth Netherlands for AFS2/P3D, R&D work on a possible Orbx Global for X-Plane and the port of TrueEarth GB South from X-Plane to Prepar3D.

    We have been given some WIP screen shots and I posted these up a week or so ago. However, as you can appreciate, we cannot beta test screen shots so it leaves us in a bit of an awkward position. For that reason I have hidden that preview topic for now as I do not want to give anyone the impression that a release is any closer than it is. We are working with the developer to ensure we do receive a beta for OLC Africa.

    We announced the openLC series quite a few years ago. When we publish a roadmap we always preface it with a clear caveat that nothing we share is confirmed as a product we will actually ship, but only our intention to develop it in the future. Whilst we did intend to cover the whole world with openLC products it was always a stretch goal. Since that initial announcement our staff, resources and priorities have changed many times within our company.

    Orbx has a solid track record for delivering most of what we announce in our roadmaps but sometimes circumstances change and some projects never see the light of day, even if they have been worked on for years. Another example of that is our CityScape Cote D'Azur which we no longer provide previews for because the painstakingly slow hand-built nature of how it is being developed has long been surpassed by new automated techniques we use for TrueEarth and mini regions around key airports.

    In the software and games business, projects get cancelled all the time, even some big AAA game titles. Studios close down, business priorities change, market conditions change. We have not signed a contract with our customers for finishing openLC globally so whilst it may be disappointing for many of your that openLC Asia may never see the light of day, and openLC Africa is at risk, it is what it is. I have a duty however to be open and transparent about the project status.

    If we can progress with the development of openLC Africa then we intend to beta test then ship it ASAP. I'll keep everyone posted on that front.

    John Venema
    Orbx - openLC Africa Pre-Beta Previews
    Orbx - Update On openLC Africa and Asia

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      vfx7t -
      For that reason I have hidden that preview topic for now as I do not want to give anyone the impression that a release is any closer than it is! you don't have to worry, we Africans are used to being late everywhere and in all areas: D Thank you and good luck!
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