• DCS Open Beta

    DCS Open Beta

    DCS World

    • MP. Restored direct connect by IP.
    • MP. Fixed direct connect by DNS-name.
    • Fixed assert caused on AWACS reply (F5) in some conditions.

    DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM

    • Cockpit Textures:
      • Updated and Added all New textures
      • Added English cockpit livery
      • Changed Textures to match the color of modern Cockpits used today in the Ada
      • Remapped new items and altered existing items older Cockpit Mods will not work!
    • 3D Model:
      • Removed older VHF Analog Radio
      • Added newer VHF Digital Radio
      • Changed UHF Radio to be more accurate
      • Added Hand Lantern
      • Changed "Sec Carb" Cover to be more accurate
      • Removed Pneumatic Hammers from Canopy Frame (not in operations anymore)
      • Changed Canopy Frame to be more accurate
      • Changed Ejection Seat adjustment operation
      • Changed Ejection Seat Harness
      • Added Gun Camera Wiring
      • Added NVG Filters
      • Added NVG Goggle Mount and Goggles with Carry Bag
      • Removed older Eclair Control Unit
      • Added new ECM Indicator
      • Added/Remodeled various items within the existing 3D model for better edges/shapes and accuracy
      • Added JVN/NVG Switch for Night Operations with NVG
      • Changed the Flood Lights now used with modern Cockpits used today in the Ada
    • Coding:
      • Added F-16c to RWR database
      • Implemented new Radio
      • Implemented new ECM
      • Changed Radio stations to match real aircraft - Now 1-20
      • Correct Spacing on INS Panel Display
      • Enabled Easy Comms with new radio
      • Enabled new EEF Button to mute warning lights to match real airframe
      • Enabled new NVG's with multi position interactions


    • Cockpit Textures:
      • Fixed Spelling mistakes
    • Coding:
      • Corrected drag index calculations
      • Implemented Bingo for VREST page
      • Implemented Cruise for VREST page
      • Added F-16c to RWR database


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