• PMDG NGXu Update And Paint Kit Pending


    Just a quick note with a bit of information on what promises to be a busy week.

    We are currently planning to issue two updates to the PMDG 737NGXu this week. The first will arrive either either late Tuesday, or mid-day Wednesday, depending upon a few factors that won't settle in until tomorrow. A second build will drop either late in the day on Friday, or mid-day on Saturday. (All times US EST).

    These two updates are normal post-release updates designed to clean up some of the items that have appeared in the initial release period. I'm not going to detail what will be included in these updates in advance, but we will publish the change list for each update once it is completed.

    To give you something to look forward to, here are a couple of topics that are being addressed for certain:

    One area I can tell you about is that we have added a nifty little menu in the FMS/OPTIONS menus that will allow users to play around with some of the artificial feel settings related to nosewheel steering. I added this because it seems that your experience with our nosehweel steering physics depends quite strongly on your hardware and its sensitivity. To address this, we have coded in a couple of different methods to control the input/output and you can choose between them. One method allows you to add a nullzone to your controller, but leaves everything else as is. Another method provides a bezier curve against which the control is based. This makes it feel a bit less abrupt on most hardware. We also have a couple of options which base off of the other modes, but which reduce the designed rate-of-change of the nosewheel steering by about 70%. While this does reduce responsiveness, it seems to make things a bit less abrupt feeling on "common" hardware.

    We have a whole bunch more coming, as well.

    We are planning to release the paint kit publicly on Tuesday for certain. We wanted to give a couple of the well experienced painters that we work with an opportunity to test drive the paint kit and report back to us that it was fit for purpose.


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